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Juvenile Offenders in Need of Supervision

What is JOINS?

Juvenile Offenders in Need of Supervision (JOINS) program was created to divert threshold offenders from the juvenile justice system. Threshold offenders are first-time, non-violent offenders or juveniles deemed to be at the beginning of a pattern of delinquency.

Goals and Objectives

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The goals and objectives of the JOINS program are as follows:

  • Reducing the rate of recidivism for juvenile offenders
  • Reducing minority over-representation in the juvenile justice system
  • Successful intervention in the cases of juvenile threshold offenders
  • Support of families and youth with counseling and appropriate referrals to community resources
  • Promotion of making amends and building self-esteem through community restitution and accountability
  • Restoration of victims through prompt payment of restitution and program participation on the part of the victim, if desired

Community Service

JOINS participants are involved in volunteer projects related to their offenses. This allows them to make restitution for their actions while also helping grow self-esteem.

Old Orems Road after a grafitti clean-up.

Past activities have included:

  • Adopt-A-Road
  • Food and clothing collection
  • Community clean-up details
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers
  • Learning visits to Shock Trauma

Community restitution allows for a productive mentoring relationship with the JOINS clients and these positive interactions with responsible adults continue to be an important function of the overall success of the JOINS program.

Program Eligibility

Every juvenile arrest is screened for JOINS eligibility as a threshold offender. Each precinct has an officer assigned to the JOINS program who is responsible for identifying potential program participants and diverting them from the juvenile justice system.

Case Managers

After being selected to participate in the program, all JOINS youth are assessed by case managers assigned by the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS), or professional counselors from the Department’s Counseling Team. All victims receive restitution when it is appropriate to the case. DJS Case Managers are responsible for:

  • Assisting the JOINS officer in providing appropriate diversion of their cases
  • Assessing the needs of each youth
  • Incorporating required referrals into the youth’s diversion contract
  • Identifying appropriate sites and opportunities for restorative and atonement activities

Contact Us



Phone Number



Sergeant G. Leonard


Special Programs and Recidivism Reduction

Officer S. Salisbury


Special Programs and Recidivism Reduction

Officer R. Sewell


Precinct 1 Wilkens

Officer S. Johnson


Precinct 2 Woodlawn

Officer G. Gilmore


Precinct 3 Franklin

Officer D. Morgan


Precinct 4 Pikesville

Officer J. Mitchell


Precinct 6 Towson

Officer J. Scott


Precinct 7 Cockeysville

Officer R. Sewell


Precinct 8 Parkville

Officer R. Sewell or Officer J. Scott

410-887-8594 or 410-887-8595, respectively or

Precinct 9 White Marsh

Officer J. Rebhan


Precinct 11 Essex

Officer B. Elliott


Precinct 12 Dundalk

Officer S. Knox



The following is a list of referrals:

Program History

The mission of the JOINS program was established in 1996 by Dr. Mark Metzger. Dr. Metzger created the program in order to promote the principles of restorative justice, including the payment of restitution to victims. His goal was to reach out to youths through these practices in the hope that they would not become a permanent part of the juvenile justice system.

In 2011, JOINS youth contributed over 10,337 hours of community restitution and educational enhancement devoted to programs related to their offenses.

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