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Master Plan 2020

View and download the entire Master Plan 2020 (PDF).

Individual Sections

View and download the following sections of the Master Plan 2020.

Cover Page and Table of Contents (PDF)

Introduction (PDF)

  • Sustainability 
  • Regional Framework
  • Demographics

Vibrant Communities (PDF)

  • Sustainable Communities
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Owings Mills Growth Area
  • Middle River Redevelopment Area
  • Towson Urban Area
  • Waterfront 
  • Rural Communities
  • Historic and Cultural Resources
  • Scenic Resources

Community Services (PDF)

  • Public Education
  • Public Safety and Health
  • Recreation and Parks

Economic Vitality (PDF)

  • Foundation of Baltimore's Economy
  • Land Use Balance
  • Commercial Revitalization Districts
  • Tourism
  • Sustainable Agricultural Industry  

Sustainable Environment (PDF)

  • Water Resources
  • The Chesapeake Bay, Waterways, Waterfront Areas
  • Land Resources
  • Biological Diversity and Sensitive Areas
  • Mineral Resources

Implementation (PDF)

Glossary and Appendices (PDF)

  • Glossary 
  • Appendix A - Executive Summary - Water Resource Element
  • Appendix B - Adopted Community Plans
  • Appendix C - Map Data Sources
  • Appendix D - Sustainable Redevelopment Studies for Community Enhancement Areas
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