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How to Apply for Easement Programs

What You Should Know Before You Apply

It is recommended that you contact staff to discuss your application before you file.

Staff Contact

Megan Benjamin
Phone: 410-887-3480

Landowner Signature

Please ensure that all the owners in title to the property sign the application. An easement is recorded in the Land Records and binds the property, therefore all owners must be in agreement to proceed with an easement.

Application Components


Provide your name and a mailing address where we can contact you. If the property is owned by a corporation or business please provide that name and address.

Full Names of Children

This information is needed if your easement permits the future release of lots for children. This does not limit you if you do not have children at this time.

Location of Property

Indicate the address of the property that you are applying for an easement sale.

Calculation of Easement Acreage

List the total acreage of the property as currently indicated in the deed. If you wish to exclude a portion of the property from the easement, please indicate that amount of acreage. A request will be reviewed for density and impact on the farm capability.

Deed Reference

Indicate the deed reference number. It can be found at the top of the deed or is listed in your tax account summary page.

Previous Applications

Indicate whether you have applied before. If you have applied before, indicate the year you applied.

Mineral Rights, Mortgages or Liens

Complete as appropriate for your property. It is unusual for the mineral rights to be separated in Baltimore County but it does happen. This means that someone else can come on the property to access the mineral resources. Please also list whether you have a mortgage, home equity loan or any other “lien” on the property.

Soil Conservation or Forestry Plan

Please provide information on whether there is a Soil Conservation and Water Quality Plan and Forest Management Plan. You can also submit a copy of the plan.


Indicate how much density remains on the property over and above your existing dwelling or right for a dwelling.

Land Use

Estimate as best you can the acreage in forest, pasture, and crop. This will also be checked using aerials and the computer data from the State.

Access to Water

Please describe what water access or potential water access you have for agricultural uses.

Farm Ownership

Indicate whether you own and operate the farm as part of a larger operation or lease the farm or whatever the situation is for the property.


Please indicate the size of existing agricultural structures. We use this information to create a documentation of what was on the property at the time of the easement sale and to evaluate the capital improvements related to agriculture.


Indicate the number of residences, size and the uses.

Application Questionnaire

The applications are all ranked according to information that is available for the property. Please use the questionnaire to provide additional information or expand on information requested. You may also wish to add information such as the productivity or whatever you think should be considered in the review of your farm application.

Revised December 8, 2021         


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