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Comprehensive Manual of Development Policies

Updated Manual, Section IV, Special Areas and Procedures for Approval

In its entirety, the CMDP is a robust document with many useful standards, guidelines and regulations that the county uses to help steer commercial and residential development within the goals of the Master Plan. In today’s regulatory environment, having the manual perform more electronically and interactively online with vibrant colors and visual graphics is a desired outcome.

The Department of Planning’s approach to modernizing the manual is to revise and present in sections beginning with Section IV, Special Areas and Procedures which will be introduced to the Planning Board on Thursday April 15, 2021 followed by a public hearing on May 6, 2021. Other Sections of the CMDP will be introduced as they become ready for update in the future.

All documents are PDF documents and open in a new window. 

Original Manual

The Comprehensive Manual of Development Policies (CMDP) is enabled by Section 504.2 of the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations, which states that the Department and Zoning shall compile and codify, in an appropriate and practical form, a comprehensive manual of the Planning Board's land-use and development policies and zoning resolutions.

The manual (PDF format) has been divided into Divisions and Sections to make it easier to read.

Table of Contents

Division I. - Focus on Community

Division II. - Residential Development within the Urban/Rural Demarcation Line

Division III. - Commercial Development within the Urban - Rural Demarcation Line

Division IV. - (Section Reserved)

Division V. - (Section Reserved)

Division VI. - Special Areas and Procedures

Revised April 12, 2021         


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