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Adequate Public School Facilities

School Impact Analysis

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The Baltimore County Code as of March 1, 2000 requires that the Department of Planning create regulations to assess development impact on schools. Adopted School Impact Regulations outline requirements developers need to submit to the Department of Planning in order to determine the impact of projects with a residential component on public school facilities.

The information for filling out School Impact Analysis Forms includes:

Public School Report and Maps

Section 32-6-103(c), (f) and (g) of the Baltimore County Code requires that the Department of Planning furnish the School Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance Report and Maps using September 30, 2020 school enrollment data, indicating overcrowded school districts in accordance with parameters in the referenced County Code.

The countywide maps display the overcrowded school districts, using the September 30, 2020 enrollment data:

More Information

For more information contact Kui Zhao, AICP by phone at 410-887-3480 or email

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