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Sign Posting Procedures

Notification signs must be conspicuously posted on properties that are known as the 2020 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process issues at least 15 days before the Planning Board public hearing for the appropriate Councilmanic District.

The Department will provide CZMP applicants with a list of approved sign posters (PDF) and a map showing the preferred location of the notification sign(s) for the applicant's CZMP issue.

Applicants are responsible for selecting and paying the sign poster. At least one month in advance of the posting deadline, the applicant must contract with a sign poster and provide the sign location map for the applicant's issue.

Sign posters shall provide uniform durable signs and stakes that meet County specifications. Sign posters will provide a photograph of each sign and a certificate of posting for each sign on a form provided by the Department no later than three business days after the sign is posted.

For the certificate of posting, see sign posting certificate (PDF).

CZMP Timeline

Learn more about the 2020 CZMP timeline.

Revised October 17, 2019         


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