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 CZMP 2020 Fee Schedule

The following is the fee schedule for the 2020 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process:

Fee Schedule   

September 1 to 30

October 1 to 15

General Filing Fee



Civic Association Filing Fee



Your community planner will schedule a time to meet to review your online application. At this time, payment will be due in the form of check or money order.  

Requests Initiated by Civic Groups or Community Associations

In order to qualify as a Civic Group or Community Association for the purposes of filing an issue during the CZMP, an organization must be registered as a community or business association with the Department prior to the start of the time period for filing issues. A form provided by the Department of Planning may be filled out to either register a new association or to update information.

A letter must be provided from the Board or President of the organization indicating that the organization authorizes the filing of the issue and has followed its designated decision-making process to determine that an issue should be filed.

If the parcels in question are contiguous, regardless of ownership, one filing fee will be assessed.

If the parcels in question are non-contiguous, a separate filing fee will be charged for each parcel or cluster of contiguous parcels.

Fees for Civic Groups or Community Associations will only apply to issues located within the geographic boundaries designated by the organization. If the organization's boundaries are not on file with the Department of Planning, the organization must furnish documentation that the issue is located within its delineated geographic area.

CZMP Timeline

Learn more about the 2020 CZMP timeline.

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