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Arbutus Sustainable Community Designation


Map of Arbutus

After the designation of Catonsville as an Arts and Entertainment (A&E) District, representatives from the commercial core of Arbutus expressed interest in obtaining Main Street Maryland designation. In order to have that designation, an area must first have Sustainable Community Area designation from the State. The proposed Arbutus Sustainable Community (SC) designation will aim at targeting scarce public and private resources for multiple State agency investments and prioritizations. The proposed Arbutus SC boundary is focused on the Arbutus commercial core and its connections to University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and the surrounding residential community.


The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development's Sustainable Communities Program is a place-based designation offering a comprehensive package of resources that support holistic strategies for community development, revitalization and sustainability. To participate, municipal and county governments must submit an application in which they define a geographic area with an existing built environment in need of revitalization or additional state investment to strengthen the local market, and submit a Sustainable Community Action Plan, a summary of initiatives and projects for the revitalization of the targeted Sustainable Community Area. 

Engagement (Public Comment Period Now Open)

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We are now asking for public comment on the Draft Arbutus Sustainable Community Application. (PDF) The public comment period is open until April 30, 2021. Please email all comments to

The Department of Planning, in collaboration with other County agencies, will engage and work with the advisory committee and the community in gathering input and feedback. The information gathered in conjunction with upcoming online public meetings and other means will provide a framework of data, observations and community input that will serve as the basis for obtaining the Arbutus Sustainable Community Designation.

Staff Contact

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Josephine Selvakumar
Area Planner—Project Lead
Phone: 410-887-3480

Ngone Seye Diop
Western Sector Lead
Phone: 410-887-3480

Amy Mantay
Community Planning Division Chief
Phone: 410-887-3480

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