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Baltimore County Franchise Process

Pursuant to Title 9, Subtitle 2, Article 3 in the County Code, Baltimore County Code, as amended, in order to install, construct, operate, maintain, repair, replace and remove permanent or semi-permanent personal property or fixtures, such as fiber optic or other telecommunications cable or infrastructure, private sewer pipes, irrigation systems, and the other similar property within the public road rights-of-way, a franchise agreement must be executed with Baltimore County.

Franchise Process Requirements and Documentation

Submit to Permits, Approvals and Inspections engineered drawings of the proposed work with the name of a business contact who can serve as the single point of communication with the applicant throughout the process. Contact  Amy Grossi, Assistant County Attorney at 410-887-3262 or These drawings will be used for internal circulation and review by County agencies that may have information or interest in the area of proposed work. Agencies are requested to provide comment within 10 business days.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to run an advertisement form (PDF) in two newspapers of general circulation for three weeks, after which the public has an opportunity to file objections with the County. The advertisement must be approved by the County prior to running. Depending on how the run dates fall on the calendar, the public objection period runs for seven to ten business days after the last date the advertisement runs. Copies of the advertisements as published and certifications by the newspapers must be provided.

After the advertisement and objection period is complete and prior to any work, an original executed franchise agreement (PDF) along with a check made payable to "Baltimore County, Maryland" for the total amount of associated Base Compensation as shown in Exhibit C must be received and accepted by the County.  In addition, the following attachments and back-up must be provided and reviewed for sufficiency by the County before the County will execute the agreement:

  • Certificate of Insurance per Exhibit D
  • If franchisee is a business entity, business governance documents indicating 1) that the franchisee is authorized to enter into the franchise agreement, and 2) that the individual signing on behalf of the franchisee is authorized to bind and obligate the franchisee. Examples of acceptable documentation: Corporate By-laws, Operating Agreement, Resolutions, or certifications by an attorney indicating the necessary information. This should be provided prior to execution for review and verification by the County of the signature block on the agreement.
  • Written description of franchise area with survey information for a legally sufficient property description for recording in the Land Records of Baltimore County, per Exhibit A.

No franchise agreement is valid until it is executed by the County. The franchisee will receive notice when the agreement has been executed, and a copy will be provided thereafter. Terms and conditions of renewal and revaluation shall be as stated in the agreement and as governed by the County Code.


  • Engineered drawings
  • Advertisement draft
  • Copies of advertisement as printed
  • Certifications of advertisement
  • Business governance documents (if applicable)
  • Written description with survey information
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Original Executed Agreement
  • Check for Base Compensation made payable to Baltimore County, Maryland
Revised May 17, 2016         


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