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Real Estate Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it mean to have an easement on my property?

A. An easement is the right that one person has to use a designated part of another person's property for a specific purpose, such as the extension of a water or sewer line across part of your property.

Q. What documentation needs to be provided, in addition to the deed, when the owner or developer prepares their own deeds?

A. In addition to the deed, engineer's and attorney's certifications need to be submitted, as well as a "Mylar" of the Real Estate Compliance drawing, if one of those drawings is a part of the deed. Finally, in order to record the deed, a completed intake sheet to submit to Land Records is required. Contact this division at 410-887-3259 if you need additional information.

Q. In preparing right-of-way plats for Real Estate Compliance, is there an acceptable scale to the drawings?

A. 1 inch equals 50 inches is preferred, but drawings scaled up to 1 inch equals 200 feet are allowed. Obtain more information about the Right-of-Way.

Q. Does a metes and bounds description need to be prepared in addition to the right-of-way plat?

Not if the plat shows the same information that would be incorporated in the description. Obtain more information about the Right-of-Way.

Q. On minor subdivisions, will Baltimore County require the transfer of the "highway widenings" shown on the minor subdivision plan?

Contact the Development Plans Review at 410-887-3751 to determine whether the transfer, which is decided on a case by case basis, is required.

Q. When should a Storm Water Management Facility situated in a residential community be transferred to Baltimore County?

The general procedure requires an inspection of the facility by the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) and that it pass a one-year maintenance period before Baltimore County is willing to accept title. Contact EPS at 410-887-3768 regarding a specific facility.

Q. Does Baltimore County plan any roads, parks, or other facilities in this area?

Contact the Department of Planning at 410-887-3211 for information regarding what is proposed on the Baltimore County Master Plan.

Q. What is the procedure for having a road closed?

Contact Real Estate Compliance at 410-887-3269 to request a road closing package (PDF).

Q. How do I get a private utility franchise from Baltimore County?

Contact Real Estate Compliance at 410-887-3269 to request a franchise package.

Revised August 3, 2016         


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