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Miscellaneous Permits and Licenses

Traci Davis, Processing Supervisor
County Office Building Room 114
111 West Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-887-3616
Phone: 410-887-3630 (animal licenses only)
Fax: 410-887-4578

Miscellaneous Permits and Licenses provides downloadable and fillable PDF forms for various Baltimore County licenses and permits.

Forms that are not listed as a link below are not available online and can be requested by calling 410-887-3616. To request a business license not listed below, call the Clerk of the Circuit Court at 410-887-2607.

Payment Processing

Customers may now pay via MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express at the Permit Processing and Miscellaneous Permits locations.

Animal Licenses

You may apply for an animal license online, by mail or in person.

Holding Facility Licenses

Holding Facility Licenses (PDF) cover the following license types:

  • Commercial kennels
  • Fancier kennels
  • Grooming parlors
  • Pet shops
  • Riding or boarding stables 
  • Nonprofit holding facilities

Licensing More Than Three Dogs in a Home 

If you have more than three dogs, you are required to obtain a holding facility or kennel license. To find out if you are zoned for a holding facility or kennel license, please determine your zoning classification by visiting My Neighborhood, as well as, contact the Zoning Review Office at 410-887-3391 or to determine that your property is within a permitted zone. If your holding facility, kennel or property address is located within a permitted zone, download and complete the application. For questions regarding the application process, contact Miscellaneous Permits and Licenses at 410-887-3616.

For additional information on County Animal Laws, see Article 12 of the Baltimore County Code or visit Baltimore County Animal Services.

All Other Permits


Amusement Halls and Roller Skating Rink License

Amusement Device License (Coin-Operated)

Note: A simulated gaming device or simulated gaming machine is defined as any amusement device equipped with a knock-off device that enables an owner or custodian of the device to remove free plays or other game credits accumulated by a winning player, or accumulates credits or has a bonus feature.

Auctioneer License

Bingo License

Camp License

Carnival and Circus Permits

Casino Permit

Electronic Device Dealers

Film Production

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Permit

Food Trucks

Gaming and Gathering Permits

These forms are not available online but can be requested by calling 410-887-3616.

  • Gaming and Instant Bingo Permit Application—Nonprofit organizations only
  • Gathering Permit Application

Hotel and Motel License

Minibike and Offroad Motorcycle License


Application(s) shall be filed not less than 60 days before the date of the proposed event. No marking on pavement—spray painting or placing any sign or mark on the roadway is prohibited. The sponsor must obtain and provide proof of insurance coverage to do business in the State of Maryland and remain in effect until termination of the event.

As condition for the issuance of a parade permit, you must notify the residences and businesses along the parade route of the date and time of the event one week prior to the event. This can be done by posting signs along the parade route in substantially the same format as set out in the attached Notification to Public. Posted signs must be removed immediately after each event.

Public Exhibition

Public Swimming Pool Permits

Residential Parking Permit (Designated Areas Only)

Find more information on residential parking. You can download and print a Residential Parking Application (PDF) packet or apply online. The license year is August 1 to July 31 of each year. Residential parking is available only for designated areas (PDF) in Baltimore County.

Scrap Metal Processors License

Solicitation of Donations Permit

Solid Waste

Taxicab Driver (Baltimore County Only)

 Towing (Police Initiated and Trespass Towing)

      Police Initiated Towing

      Trespass Towing


These forms are not available online but can be requested by calling 410-887-3616.

  • Trailer Park Permit Application
  • Trailer (Commercial and Residential) Permit Application
Revised July 16, 2021         


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