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Baltimore Gas and Electric Meter Releases

1. Your permit can only be released one time to BGE.

2. A permit is required for each meter release. Only one address is permitted on each permit. Make sure this address is aligned with the address BGE has provided. The permit must also reflect the actual address of the building. Frequently, the use of the acronym A.K.A. (also known as) is used in the address section of the permit application so that the address matches the location in the SDAT tax records and BGE also has an address which matches their records.

3. Multiple meters at one address are permitted on the same permit provided they are all ready for inspection and release at the same time. When listing multiple meters on the same permit, information must be provided in the body of the permit such that BGE is able to discern the size of the service being applied to each tenant; e.g. 100amps Units A-D, 150amps Units E, G, H, 200amps Units F and I etc...

4. When scheduling a BGE meter release on the inspection connection please use code 201 for and electrical service. 

5. An actual copy of the permit is the certificate that is sent to BGE. The information provided on the permit is the only information BGE receives. 

6. At the request of Baltimore Gas and Electric please allow five working days after the electrical inspections was approved before calling Baltimore Gas and Electric.

7. Tell all customers that they should call their contractors to set up the meter installation.

8. If we are to give a verbal or a fax meter release, it will take a minimum of 24 hours to get into Baltimore Gas and Electric’s system.

8. All calls to Baltimore Gas and Electric relating to meter releases should be made to the BGE call center.

For further information please call Electrical Inspections at 410-887-3960.

Revised April 18, 2016         


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