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Planned Unit Development Process

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a mixed-use development that may combine residential, recreational, industrial and commercial elements. The approval process for a PUD is similar to that of other land development projects, except that the County Council must determine that the PUD will achieve substantially higher-quality development than a conventional development or provide a public benefit that would otherwise not be obtained. The full requirements of the process can be examined in the Baltimore County Code (BCC) Section 32-4-241 to 32-4-245.

When a resolution is passed by the County Council for a new PUD, the Planned Unit Development process is followed. If a refinement to an approved PUD project is desired, a developer may request an exemption from the Community Input Meeting (CIM) and the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing by applying to the Development Review Committee (DRC). If  the refinement does not materially alter the proposed development, the project may be exempt from the full development process. However, if the DRC determines that a change to the PUD is material, an amendment to the County Council resolution may be required.

New Planned Unit Development Proposals

Review new PUD proposals to obtain information about the PUD applications, project status and documentation, if available, for PUD proposals currently under consideration.

Check Status of Ongoing Projects

Search Development Projects to obtain project status and documentation, such as Concept and Development plans, comments from reviewing county and state agencies, Community Input Meeting minutes and Development Review Committee actions.

Process Steps

The steps for processing a PUD application, which are coordinated by the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections (PAI) Office of Development Management (DM), are summarized below.

PUD Application Intake

An application for approval of a PUD is submitted to the County Council member in whose district the PUD is proposed to be located. The PUD application is posted to the County Council website for review. The application must include:

  • An explanation of how the proposed project site and total tract acreage meet the criteria for the type of PUD that is proposed
  • A schematic representation of the proposed PUD, including the general site layout, proposed building types and uses, and the proposed number of units
  • A comparison of the permitted and proposed density, floor area allowed, and number of parking spaces required in the underlying zones
  • The projected impact of the PUD on the surrounding community
  • A statement of how the PUD will comply with compatibility requirements
  • A statement of how the PUD will provide a community, environmental, land use, capital improvement or public policy benefit

Preliminary Review

The Preliminary Review consists of the following steps:

  • Copies of the application that was presented to the Council member are forwarded to DM.
  • DM distributes the PUD application to the Departments of Planning, Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Public Works and other county and state agencies.
  • The agencies provide written preliminary comments on the proposal to the Council member within 15 days of the filing of the PUD application.
  • The preliminary written comments are posted on the County website.

Post-Submittal Community Input Meeting

A Post-Submittal Community Input Meeting is held between 21 and 30 days after the filing of the PUD application. At that time, the development team must:

  • Post a sign on the property providing three weeks advance notice of the date, time and location of the post-submittal CIM.
  • Provide written notice to all adjoining property owners.
  • Provide information to the community regarding the proposed development and entertain questions and comments from the public.
  • Record the names, addresses and email addresses, if available, of the post-submittal community meeting attendees.
  • Compile meeting minutes that are forwarded to attendees, the Council member and DM.
  • Development Management posts the meeting minutes on the County website.

County Council Resolution

If the Council determines that the proposed PUD will achieve a substantially higher quality development than a conventional development and that the proposed site is eligible for County review:

  • The Council may adopt a resolution that allows the continued review of the PUD.
  • Development Management directs the posting of the Notice of Resolution on the property at least 10 business days prior to the final vote.

Approved, withdrawn and pending resolutions can be viewed on the County Council website.

Pre-Concept Plan Conference

Prior to the filing of a concept plan, DM coordinates and conducts a Pre-Concept Plan Review in which the development team meets with relevant county departments and agencies to discuss the concept plan requirements.

Next Steps

After the Pre-Concept Plan Conference, the PUD is processed in accordance with BCC Sections 32-4-211 to 32-4-245, which is summarized in the Major Residential Subdivision process.

Revised May 19, 2021         


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