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Pay Permit and Plan Submission Fees Online

The Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections (PAI) will continue to accept and process permits, reviews and licenses. Online payments and checks are now accepted forms of payment for designated services.

Once you have successfully submitted your application and received a reference number and fee amount, you can submit an online payment for the following transactions:

  • Building Permits
  • Electrical Permits
  • Plumbing Permits
  • Water Meter Permits
  • Development Review
  • Zoning Review
  • Electrical License Renewal—Skip to Step 4 below to pay your license renewal fee.

Step 1: Complete Your Application

Complete the appropriate application for what you are applying for. You can find many applications online. Paper forms are also available in the lobby of the County Office Building, located at 111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, Maryland 21204.

Step 2: Submit Application

Bring your complete application or plan submission to the County Office Building. There will be drop boxes available in the lobby for the different application and plan submission types. Place your application or plan submission in the appropriate drop box. Your application or plan submission will be processed in the order it is received.

In the lobby, you will receive a handout with PAI contacts and phone numbers.

Step 3: Staff Will Contact You

While processing your application, PAI staff will contact you by phone or email with a reference number, fee amount and any other questions. The reference number and fee amount are needed to correctly process your online payment. Depending on your submission type, you may also be contacted by other applicable divisions within PAI. Any additional approval requirements will be identified by the reviewer.

Note: PAI also still accepts checks.

Step 4: Pay Your Fee Online

Do not initiate payment until you have spoken with appropriate PAI staff.

Create an Account

In the payment portal, you will be asked to create an account. 

If you have previously obtained a pet license or registered a rental property, you may already have a username and password. Please use your existing username and password. If you do not have one, we encourage you to register so your transaction can be completed online.


You can pay online once you have the reference number and fee amount.


Once you have continued or logged in, the system will take you to the payment transaction page where you will select your transaction type and enter the reference number and fee amount provided to you by County staff.

Step 5: Save Your Invoice

After you have competed your transaction online, within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email with an attached invoice. Save the invoice for your records. Proof of payment will be needed to obtain your approval, license renewal or permit.

Revised July 2, 2021         


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