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Code Enforcement Hearings

Virtual Code Hearings

Under COVID-19 hearing guidelines, Code Enforcement hearings are now moving forward. Attend your virtual hearing or get more information about the hearing process. 

Jefferson Building, Room 205
105 West Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204
410-887-2824 (fax)

In 1997, the Baltimore County Council passed a Code Enforcement Law to establish a procedure for the enforcement of zoning, building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, license and permit regulations, livability code, or any regulation or standard administered by the department. The procedure provides for an administrative hearing before the Administrative Law Judge defined as the Director of Permits, Approvals and Inspections or his designee.

The hearings are conducted as a quasi-judicial hearing before the Administrative Law Judge, and the alleged violator is entitled to be represented by an attorney, present witnesses and evidence, and cross-examine any witnesses against the alleged violator. At the close of the hearing the Administrative Law Judge may impose a penalty if there is a finding of a violation. In addition, the Administrative Law Judge may impose certain restrictions and conditions on the violator in return for a suspension or reduction of the penalty.

View Final Orders

Code Enforcement Final Orders are issued by the Administrative Law Judge to enforce citations.

Orders issued on or after February 18, 2014 are available in a searchable online database. To view them:

  1. Search and enter in an address or case number.
  2. On the record detail screen, select the arrow next to the Attachments heading to show final orders and other documents associated with the case.
  3. Select the name of the complaint to download a PDF copy of the final order.

Archived Orders

Orders issued between January 1, 2012 and February 17, 2014 are also available, but are not included in the searchable database. To view these orders, select a year below.

Revised August 18, 2020         


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