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Paper Permit Applications No Longer Accepted

As of Monday, November 1, all applications for building, plumbing, electrical and other construction permits must be completed online. To help with the transition, first come, first serve public work stations will be placed in the lobby with available staff to help customers create their online accounts and applications.


For details on account creation, relevant permit types and document needs, visit the the online permit application section.


The Bureau of Building Inspections:

  • Conducts required inspections on all new and remodeled residential and commercial building projects to verify compliance with minimum safety standards and all applicable codes
  • Investigates building complaints
  • Sediment control
  • Answers code compliance questions from contractors, engineers and property owners

About Your Upcoming Inspection

To determine the time of a scheduled inspection, have your permit number readily available and call 410-887-3953 on the morning of the inspection between 7:30 and 8 a.m.


You and your contractor should coordinate your inspection requests so that they can be provided in a timely manner. Learn more about how to schedule, reschedule or cancel an inspection.

Building Permit Application and Requirements

Building permits are required for the following:

  • Additions, alterations and structural modifications, including demolitions, to existing dwellings, including those located in historic districts
  • Change in use of structure
  • Floodplain and zones—Any building activity within a tidal or riverine 100-year floodplain and all accessory structures located in Flood Zone A

Determine if a building permit and inspection is required for your construction project.

Local Building Design Requirements

The local building design requirements are listed below:

  • Footing depth 30 inches below the final grade, pole buildings 48 inches
  • Minimum ground snow load 30 PSF
  • Minimum  roof live loads 30 PSF
  • Design wind speed (Risk Categories I and II) 90 MPH Nominal three-second gust (minimum design)
  • Seismic, site class B
  • Tidal flood protection elevation 10.4 (NAVD 88) Back River and South; 11.2 (NAVD 88) north of Back River; in addition see FEMA maps dated May 5, 2014 for additional requirements for areas subject to wave action Zone VE and Coastal AE
  • Downspouts are to be discharged at a distance of not less than eight feet from any property line measured along the path of flow

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