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Orphans' Courtof Baltimore County

A court of limited jurisdiction specializing in cases involving disputes about wills or codicils, administration of estates, guardianships over property left to minors and protection of minors’ assets.

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The Orphans’ Court for Baltimore County is established under Article IV, Section 40 of the Constitution of the State of Maryland. The work of the Court essentially falls into three main categories:

  • Litigation involving estates as well as guardianships
  • Supervision over the administration of deceased persons’ estates
  • Protection of the property of children under the age of 18

Among other things, cases heard by the Court involve:

  • Objections by one or more beneficiaries or heirs to an Administration Account or fees requested by the Personal Representatives or attorneys
  • Petitions to remove a personal representative due to a breach of fiduciary duty or mismanagement of estate assets
  • Disagreements among the beneficiaries or heirs as to who should be appointed personal representative
  • Disputes over whether a particular claim (debt of the decedent) should be paid from estate assets
  • Caveats of Wills or Codicils

The Court is staffed by three part-time judges and assisted by a judicial assistant and a legal assistant/mediation coordinator. The Court clerk is the Register of Wills.

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Orphans' Court

401 Bosley Avenue, Suite 501
Towson, Maryland 21204


Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.





Chief Judge

William R. Evans