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Continuum of Services for Children and Youth

Local Management Board (LMB) has administrative, fiscal, monitoring and evaluation oversight responsibilities for the following:

Children In Need of Supervision Diversion (CINS)

The Children in Need of Supervision Program (CINS) diverts status-offending youth from deeper involvement with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services (DJS). The Baltimore County Police Counseling Team engages youth and their families that have been referred by DJS, assesses their needs, and links them with community-based treatment providers to address the issues that have resulted in DJS involvement. The Counseling Unit of the Baltimore County Police Department is the service provider.

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

Functional Family Therapy, an evidence-based practice, is an empirically grounded, well-documented and highly successful family intervention program for youth. Target populations range from at-risk pre-adolescents to youth with very serious problems such as conduct disorder, violent acting-out and substance abuse. Intervention averages from eight to 12 one-hour sessions for mild cases and up to 30 sessions of direct service for more difficult situations, usually spread over a three month period. FFT also provides treatment to the younger siblings of referred adolescents. The Baltimore County Department of Health, Bureau of Behavioral Health, is the vendor. To self-refer to the program, call the Clinical Supervisor at 410-887-3828.

Healthy Families

Healthy Families Baltimore County is a voluntary home visiting program that optimizes child health and development by encouraging early prenatal care, promoting the health of mothers before and between pregnancies, reducing unintended pregnancies through education, promoting good parenting skills, supporting positive parent-child interactions, and preventing child mistreatment. Abilities Network, Incorporated is the vendor.

Local Care Team

During the 2011 legislative session, the Children’s Cabinet made changes to the legislation governing the State Coordinating Council (SCC) and the Local Coordinating Councils (LCC’s) in order to repurpose these bodies. As a result, House Bill 840 was signed into law effective July 1, 2011.

As a result of this change, the former LCC is now known as the Local Care Team (LCT). The LCT is an interagency body of representatives from local child and family serving agencies, as well as representatives of family members. The LCT is established in each local jurisdiction in the State for the purpose of providing local and regional problem-solving functions, promoting accountability and outcomes, and serving as a systems management and governance function at the local level.

Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC)

Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC), an evidence-based practice, is a cost-effective, highly structured and multicomponent treatment model that will divert 10 to 14 youth involved with the Department of Social Services and the Department of Juvenile Services from placement in a residential treatment center or out-of-state facility. Youth are placed individually in a family setting for six to nine months. MTFC foster families will work closely with a clinical team to provide youth with a consistent, reinforcing environment that builds on individuals strengths; a clear structure and limits with well-specified consequences that are delivered in a teaching oriented way; close supervision of the youth's whereabouts; and help for the youth in avoiding associations with anti-social peers while assisting the youth in developing the skills for building relationships with positive peers. Simultaneously, MTFC therapists prepare the youth's biological family or aftercare resource to provide youth with effective parenting so that the positive changes made while the youth are placed in MTFC can be sustained over the long-run. Community Solutions, Incorporated is the vendor.

Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

Multisystemic Therapy (MST), an evidence-based practice, is an intensive, home-based intervention for identified youth and their families employing a patented treatment strategy that focuses on reducing antisocial behavior of adolescents by addressing the various systems that influence their behavior, including family members, peers, schools and neighborhoods. MST is a treatment that strives to change how youth function in their natural settings (home, school, and neighborhood) in ways that promote positive social behavior while decreasing antisocial behavior. Baltimore County Department of Health, Bureau of Behavioral Health serves as the program gatekeeper, Community Solutions, Incorporated, is the vendor.

Neighborhood Statistical Profile (NSP)

The Baltimore County Neighborhood Statistical Profile serves to advance the well-being of children and families in Baltimore County by empowering decision-makers, service providers and the community with accurate, reliable, compelling data. The NSP supports data-driven decision making by creating and maintaining a clearinghouse of data concerning children, youth and families in the County.

The LMB, with assistance from the County's Office of Information Technology, has developed geocoding software to enable the NSP to process address-level data into relevant products that allow for in-depth analysis and informed decision making while maintaining privacy and security. The products (maps, geographic analyses) are used by members of the Local Management Board in determining the location, scope and funding for intervention and prevention programs, as need is demonstrated. The LMB maintains the NSP.

School-Based Health Centers

To enhance student academic performance and attendance, the licensed social workers of the School Based Health Center Program provide therapeutic counseling services for students and their families to address issues affecting student school-based behavior. In addition, the social workers provide concrete services such as eviction prevention and energy assistance, and linkage to community mental health providers for assessment and treatment. Baltimore County Department of Social Services is the service provider.

Single Point of Access and Family Navigators

The Family Navigator program is a free information and referral service for Baltimore County families of children with intensive needs related to mental health and/or developmental disabilities. Family navigators provide education and support to families with intensive needs children to negotiate their way through the social and heath care system. Catholic Charities is the vendor. To contact a Family Navigator, call the Baltimore County Family Navigator, 410-252-4700 extension 265.

Youth Service Bureaus

The Baltimore County Youth Service Bureaus are community-based, non-profit agencies and include the Lighthouse and First Step. The Bureaus provide low cost therapeutic counseling services for children, youth, and their families to address issues such as family conflict. The goal is to improve family functioning and prevent involvement with, or deeper penetration into the juvenile justice, health and/or social service systems.

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