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Continuum of Services Supported by the Local Management Board

The Local Management Board (LMB) has administrative, fiscal, monitoring and evaluation oversight responsibilities for the following services.

Healthy Families Home Visiting

Healthy Families is a nationally recognized, evidence-based home visiting program model that uses a two-generation approach in working with overburdened families who are at-risk for child abuse and neglect, and other Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Healthy Families optimizes child health and development by encouraging early prenatal care, promoting the health of mothers before and between pregnancies, promoting positive parenting skills, supporting positive parent-child interactions, and preventing child maltreatment. Families must enroll prenatally or within three months of birth. Services are provided in the family home until the target child’s third birthday. Abilities Network is the service provider.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Plus

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Plus (CBT+) program provides behavioral health counseling services for youth and young adults between five and 21 years of age.  Counseling is provided by licensed clinicians at four community-based clinics and over 30 school-based clinics located across the County. The CBT+ practice model includes four evidence-based and research-supported behavioral health treatments for anxiety, depression, problem behavior and trauma (Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or TF CBT). Villa Maria Community Resources is the service provider.

Multi-Systemic Therapy for Emerging Adults

Multi-systemic Therapy for Emerging Adults (MST-EA) is an evidence-based program designed to meet the needs of transition-age youth and young adults, ages 17 to 24, with a serious, diagnosed behavioral health disorder (e.g., mood, anxiety, trauma, psychotic or substance use disorder) and extensive system involvement. This includes youth and young adults involved with the juvenile or adult justice system, or the social services system (e.g., youth exiting detention and youth aging out of foster care).

Specific targeted outcomes for MST-EA youth and young adults include:

  1. Residing in stable housing in the community;
  2. Demonstrated improvement in behavioral health;
  3. No new legal charges; and
  4. Actively involved in school or employed.

Licensed clinicians deliver services in the client’s home, work, school, or neighborhood at times convenient to the client, and the average length of service is six to 12 months. Community Solutions is the service provider.

Family Navigation

Family Navigators help parents or caregivers locate services to support children and youth with intensive behavioral health needs. Services include information and referral, learning opportunities and family support groups. Associated Catholic Charities is the service provider.

Homeless Youth Outreach Services

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth are young people who are 24 years of age or younger who are not in the physical custody of a parent or legal guardian, and who lack a fixed, regular or adequate nighttime residence (including “couch surfing”). Services focus on locating homeless youth, meeting their basic needs (e.g., food, clothing, hygiene, etc.) and gaining their trust for the longer term purpose of linking them with a broader array of more intensive services based on their individual needs (e.g., housing support, somatic or behavioral health services, education or employment services, etc.). Limited case management services are provided. Prologue is the service provider.


Licensed Lighthouse clinicians provide behavioral health counseling services for children, youth and transition-age young adults (age 24 and under) experiencing mental or emotional distress, effects of trauma or family dysfunction (current or past), or disturbances in behavior that have caused them to be referred by family, school or community agencies. Significant adults involved in the lives of these children and youth are also invited to participate in the counseling process. The Lighthouse community-based clinic is located in Catonsville and serves the southwestern Baltimore County communities of Lansdowne, Halethorpe, Riverview, Woodlawn and Arbutus. Lighthouse is the service provider.

Local Care Team

The LMB serves as the administrative home for the Baltimore County Local Care Team (LCT). Parents, family members, and agencies are able to make referrals of children and youth with intensive behavioral health needs directly to the LCT, through the LCT Coordinator, to seek assistance with accessing services, developing plans of care for community-based services and coordinating services from multiple agencies. Families with children or youth with complex needs who are at risk of out-of-home or out-of-state placement, or who are in crisis, are identified as priorities for the LCT.

The LCT uses a collaborative model to connect families and children to needed services. Team members include the County Departments of Health and Social Services, Baltimore County Public Schools and the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, among others. The Team meets regularly to help families determine the following:

  • Where they are now (what are their needs, how have their needs been addressed to date and what are their strengths)?
  • Where they would like to be (what is their desired outcome)
  • What they need to get there (identify barriers, identify resources to support positive outcomes and assist families to make connections with identified service providers)

For further information, contact Mary Leslie, LCT Coordinator, by email or call 410-887-2170.

Revised May 3, 2021         


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