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Office of the Inspector General

Proposed by County Executive Johnny Olszewski, Jr. and created by the Baltimore County Council, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) functions as an independent office to provide increased accountability and oversight in the operations of Baltimore County government.

Your County Your Voice report fraud, waste and misconduct

Identifying Fraud, Abuse and Illegal Acts

The mission of the Office is to identify fraud, abuse and illegal acts, while also identifying ways to promote efficiency, accountability and integrity in Baltimore County government. After conducting an investigation, the Office may issue a report to the County Executive, as well as the County Council.

Report Fraud, Abuse and Illegal Acts

About the Complaint Process

The following is an outline of the complaint process.

Step 1: Complaint Received

Step 2: Initial Review of Complaint

Step 3: Determination as to Jurisdiction

The OIG has jurisdiction pursuant to Article 3, Title 14 of the Baltimore County Code.

  1. If no OIG jurisdiction, complaint is closed. The OIG then makes a referral to the appropriate agency, if any.
  2. If OIG jurisdiction, there will be a preliminary investigation.

Step 4: Preliminary Investigation Conducted

  1. Determination made to close complaint after preliminary investigation.
  2. Determination made to convert to a full investigation after preliminary investigation.

Step 5: Full Investigation Conducted

  1. Determination that OIG report issued. See step 6.
  2. Determination that OIG report not issued.

Step 6: OIG Report Issued to Administration/County Council

OIG report initially issued to Administration and, when applicable, the County Council, with an option to provide a response to the report.

Step 7: OIG Report Issued Publicly

OIG report will be posted online.


View the following reports from the OIG. The below links are PDFs that open in a new window.

Annual Reports

Ethics and Reporting Violations

The Office serves as the Executive Director of the Baltimore County Ethics Commission, which administers the public ethics laws that promote the public’s trust in government and ensures the impartiality of public employees in the exercise of their duties and responsibilities.

Report an Ethics Violation

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Office of the Inspector General

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