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Geographic Information Systems Strategic Business Plan

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Strategic Business Plan represents a collaborative effort between the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the Office of Budget and Finance to compile a Countywide view of the utilization of GIS by County agencies and departments and to provide a framework for near and mid-term development strategies. The study was accomplished during an eight-month timeframe from September 2006 through May 2007.

Focus of the Study

  • Enterprise and Agency Cost/Benefit
  • Industry Research
  • GIS Recommendations for each of the following:
  • Organization
  • Data
  • Infrastructure Databases
  • Business Process
  • Applications
  • Technology

GIS Strategic Master Plan Organization

Business Plan Volume III

Volume III consists of the individual agency reports and other details of the study contained in 24 appendices listed below. All PDFs open into new windows.

A. Department of Environmental Protection and Resource Management (PDF)

B. Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections (PDF)

C. Department of Public Works (PDF)

D. Department of Economic Development (PDF)

E. Department of Recreation and Parks (PDF)

F. Office of Community Conservation (PDF)

G. Department of Planning (PDF)

H. 911 Center (PDF)

I. Fire Department (PDF)

J. Health Department (PDF)

K. Police Department (PDF)

L. Miscellaneous Cluster Four Agencies (PDF)

M. Office of Information Technology (PDF)

N. Short-Form Questionnaire (PDF)

O. Long-Form Questionnaire (PDF)

P. Industry Research Questionnaires (PDF)

Q. Baltimore County GIS Programs and Activities (PDF)

R. Palm Beach County GIS Best Management Practices Comparable County GIS Program Summaries (PDF)

S. King County, WA, Organizational Chart (PDF)

T. Baltimore County GIS Data Inventory (PDF)

U. Data Usage Analysis - combined all agencies (PDF)

V. Application Usage - combined all agencies (PDF)

W. Agency GIS Points of Contact (PDF)

X. Organization Charts (PDF)

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