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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Baltimore County operates an enterprise geographic information system (GIS) that is available to all County agencies and departments. The County’s GIS is managed by the Office of Information Technology’s Business Applications unit.

The GIS team is responsible for Baltimore County's implementation of the geographic information system and maintains the spatial and associated tabular databases, manages the GIS software, and develops custom applications for the County agencies. It also provides customer service and support to citizens, businesses, government organizations, and County agencies by creating and distributing geographic data products.

My Neighborhood Interactive Mapping Application

Use the My Neighborhood interactive mapping application to select, view and print predefined maps and reports about Baltimore County, such as police precincts, enterprise zones or census information. My Neighborhood does not require specialized mapping software.

Open Data Portal

Use Baltimore County's GIS Open Data Portal to find geospatial information that includes features, such as Planimetrics, topography, parcels, roads, buildings and bodies of water.

Data Download

Baltimore County provides downloadable data, such as topography, contours, or parcels that can be used to create custom maps and reports. You can view, manipulate and analyze the data in a format of your choosing. Predefined maps are also available. Data Download requires specialized mapping software and is recommended for use by those with advanced-level mapping experience.

Contact Information

Phone: 410-887-2233

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