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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Guidance

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Housing Interim Change Reporting Procedures

The Baltimore County Office of Housing processes interim changes by mail only. To report a change in members of your household, a decrease in income or an increase in allowable expenses, complete the Interim Change Report Form (PDF) and mail it to the Office of Housing immediately, along with all requested documentation.

If you need assistance completing the form, please call 410-853-8911 and a representative will return your call by the next business day.

Interim Change Process

Keep the following in mind when reporting a change:

  • It takes approximately 30 to 60 days to process an interim change if all the required information is submitted in a timely manner. As soon as the change is processed, you will receive a letter from the Office of Housing informing you of the effective date of your change and your new tenant rent amount.

  • You must continue to pay your current tenant rent until the Office of Housing sends you written notice to pay a different amount.

  • Keep the instructions and a copy of the Interim Change Report Form with your other housing documents for reference.


If you have questions or need assistance, contact Nicole Brittingham at or by phone at 410-887-3382.

Revised March 19, 2018         


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