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Responsible Retailers' Program

In an effort to decrease underage and high-risk drinking, the Baltimore County Department of Health developed the Cooperating Taverns and Responsible Retailers' Program. The program is supported by the Baltimore County Police Department, Liquor Board and Licensed Beverage Association. The purpose of the program is to recognize the efforts of responsible alcohol retailers in the County. Use the contact information above to find more information on addressing underage and high-risk drinking or to become involved with a community coalition.

Cooperating Taverns and Alcohol Retailers’ Agreement

The Cooperating Taverns and Alcohol Retailers’ Agreement (PDF) includes a list of responsible service practices that are important in the prevention of underage drinking such as:

  • Prohibiting drinking games on the premises
  • Discouraging the use of alcohol ads that appeal to youth
  • Avoiding inexpensive drink specials that attract youth
  • Training employees in responsible beverage service practices
  • Diligently checking patrons for false identification

Participating Taverns and Retailers

Thank you to the many participating alcohol retailers (PDF) who have signed the agreement, thereby joining the efforts of the Department of Health to address underage and high-risk drinking. Participants receive a window cling to inform the community of their commitment to implementing responsible service practices. Look for the window cling identifying responsible retailers in your neighborhood.

Preventing Underage Drinking

The process of reducing youth access to alcohol requires a multi-faceted approach. Enlisting the support of the hospitality industry is a vital component in underage drinking prevention. Creating an environment where it is difficult for youth to purchase alcohol is possible when communities work together. All adults can be a part of the solution by refusing to purchase or provide alcohol for youth.

Revised May 6, 2021         


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