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Making a Maryland Public Information Act (PIA) Request

Guidelines for the Public on Requesting Inspection and Investigation Reports

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The Environment Health Services Division (“EHS” or “Division”) is a multi-disciplined group that monitors and enforces various laws, regulations, and policies enacted to safeguard the general health and well being of the public. Inspection reports (such as food, nuisance, swimming pools and spas) can be obtained from the Division using the instruction below. For more information about the Public Information Act, visit the Office of the Attorney General website.


  • The requester or applicant should make a written request for records either by fax transmission, email, U.S. Mail, or in person.

  • The request must sufficiently identify the record(s) the applicant seeks, such as:

    • stating the name (if applicable),
    • address,
    • specific time frame, and
    • any other descriptions or information that would assist the Division in providing the records in the most expeditious manner possible.
  • The Division may ask the applicant to clarify their request if necessary.

  • The Division has 10 working days from the date of receipt to respond to a request for information. If the request cannot be honored or additional time is required, the requester will be notified in writing regarding the reasons for the denial, how much additional time is needed and a request for fees, as necessary.

  • The requester will be notified when the records are available.

  • The requester can ask for copies of the data to be sent electronically, or by mail or visit the Division office to review the information.

Search and Preparation Fees and Reproduction Costs

The PIA authorizes the custodian of records to charge an applicant a reasonable fee for the search for, preparation of and reproduction of a public record. The custodian may not charge for the first two hours.

Baltimore County's Code of Regulations authorizes the custodian of records to require the prepayment of search and preparation fees. After the first two hours have been expended, staff time is charged at a rate up to $35 per hour and attorney, management or supervisor time is charged at a rate up to $60 per hour. See Regulation 08.01.01.

The fees charged for copies of documents are $0.25 per electronic page and $0.50 per paper page.

Revised August 14, 2017         


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