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Guidance for Establishing a Licensed Food Truck Facility

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The following information provides guidance on how to apply for plans review of your proposed operation and obtain a food permit and a food truck license. Code of Baltimore County Regulations 1.01.01—Food Service Facilities and Article 21, Title 8.—Food Trucks also states how these processes are completed.

Plans Review Process

  1. The owner or operator shall complete the application for plans review (PDF) of the operation. The application must be as complete as possible in order to provide an accurate description of your operation to the reviewer to ensure that the requirements are met. All supporting documents must be provided at the time of application. 

  2. The review of the submitted plans must be completed so a written response can be provided within 10 to 15 business days after submission. If the plans and other supporting documents are within the regulations, and a building permit was applied for, the reviewer will sign-off for the Department of Health portion of the permit to allow for construction or renovations.

  3. Once the facility is constructed or remodeled, the owner or operator must contact the Division of Environmental Health Services (EHS) to schedule an inspection of the newly constructed or renovated facility. 

  4. A site inspection will be conducted to ensure that the facility was constructed as approved and the listed equipment was installed as required. At this time, if the facility was constructed or renovated as required, the reviewer will approve his section of the Use and Occupancy (U & O) portion of the building permit, if applicable. Please be advised that the County’s Building Engineer grants U & O after all the different County agencies have approved their portions of the permit.

  5. The owner or operator will be informed to:

    • Complete an application for a current food permit.

    • Bring a copy of the final plans review inspection report, the documents required to apply for a Certified Food Manager Level I Identification Card, a completed Commissary—Depot Letter Form and applicable food permit. Please note that if you are applying for a low priority food permit, the food manager certification requirement is not applicable to your operation.

    • Have payment ready to cover all required fees payable by check, money order or credit card.  

Obtaining a Food Permit

  1. The reviewer will state on the report the facility’s priority assessment and the Certified Food Service Manager Level I requirement. The applicant must bring a copy of the:

    • plans reviewer’s final report

    • facility’s menu and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan (HACCP) Manual

    • the lease agreement, if applicable

    • certified food manager documentation to obtain the required Baltimore County Certified Food Manager Identification Card(s)

    • and the required fees

  2. Upon review and approval of the required documentation, the applications are approved, processed, certified manager cards issued, and receipts for all transactions provided. The owner or operator will not be given the facility’s valid food permit. The owner or operator will use the food permit receipt for proof of payment for a license to operate.

  3. An inspection will be conducted within 10 days of issuance to ensure that the facility’s operations are compliant with all laws and regulations. If the inspection results are satisfactory, the inspecting Environmental Health Specialist will approve the release of the permit, which will be mailed to the owner or operator within five days at the mailing address stated on the application.

Obtaining a Mobile Food Truck License

Download the mobile food truck license application (PDF) from the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections website.

Mobility Requirement of a Mobile Food Truck

View the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections website to obtain information on zoning requirements.

Revised January 9, 2018         


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