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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates 
County offices are closed on Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day.

Request Fire Department Records

New Records Request System

The Baltimore County Fire Department has transitioned to a an electronic Fire/EMS Report Request Portal. Details are available on this page in the "Obtain Fire Incident and EMS Reports" section. You must create a password-protected account that will allow you to submit your request and all required documentation online. Requests will not submit without all required documentation. We will notify you by email if your records have been located, are not releasable or if we need additional information.

The fee is $15 for a Fire Incident Report. The fee is $6.50 for an EMS Report. You will pay electronically through the County’s online payment portal. Please allow at least 24 hours after payment for records to be sent.

Ambulance Billing

Baltimore County bills private insurers, Medicaid and Medicare for ambulance transport costs. County residents are not personally responsible for these costs and should not receive a bill. If you have questions or wish to obtain a copy of a bill, call Change Healthcare billing at 833-812-0564Attorneys only may email requests for bills to, or fax requests to 1-937-291-0236. 

Obtain Fire Incident Reports and EMS Reports

Our electronic Fire/EMS Report Request Portal allows you to submit requests for two types of Fire Department records:

  • Fire Incident Reports are public records of BCoFD responses to fires, rescues, hazardous materials incidents and other calls for Fire service. There is a $15 fee for each Fire Incident Report.

  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Reports are patient care reports generated whenever BCoFD assists a sick or injured person. These reports contain confidential medical information that is not part of the public record. Copies of patient care records are available to our patients, their representatives and others as specified by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Maryland Public Health-General, Title 4, Subtitle 3, Confidentiality Of Medical Records. BCoFD policies and procedures for the release of patient care reports comply with restrictions specified under federal and state law. There is a $6.50 fee for an EMS record.


We will notify you via email when your Fire Incident Report or EMS Report has been located. You will receive a link to the County's electronic payment system; after payment is made, the record will be sent to you via email. To comply with privacy laws, EMS records are sent via secure email.

Important Tips For Using Our Records Portal

  • Identify the correct type of requestor. When you register for our portal, you will be asked if you are a member of a law firm representing a client. This is important because, for EMS patient care record requests, the documentation required of legal representatives is different than for other requestors. If you are a representative of a law firm, make sure you select that option.

  • Choose the correct type of record. You will be asked whether you want to request an  EMS patient care record or a non-EMS record (non-EMS records are Fire incident reports). Make sure you select the correct type of record.

  • Provide all required information. You will need to provide the date and location of the incident. EMS record requests require various documentation; you will be notified if you are missing required documentation.

Fire Inspection Records

To request public records of fire code violations for County business properties and other establishments, email Provide the name and address of the establishment, the time period involved and the type of violation (if known).

Other Public Information Act Requests

Send other requests for public records under the Maryland Public Information Act  (MPIA) to Under the MPIA, agencies may charge a fee to cover the costs of research and record retrieval and preparation.

Patient's Rights

The Emergency Medical Services Division (BCoEMS) takes seriously our patients' right to privacy regarding how medical information may be used and disclosed, and how the patient can access this information. The laws and regulations protecting your medical privacy apply whether you received emergency medical services from a career or volunteer unit. 

Safeguarding Protected Health Information

BCoEMS is committed to protecting your health information and is required by law to maintain the privacy of your health information, and to provide you with this Notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your health information, and to follow the privacy practices described herein. 

BCoEMS reserves the right to change our privacy practices and the terms of this Notice at any time, and to apply the provisions of the revised Notice to your health information that we obtained before revising the Notice. Changes will be posted on this web page and be made available to you at our service locations. You may obtain a copy of this Notice currently in effect by calling 410-887-2071.


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