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Fire-Rescue Academy

The Fire-Rescue Academy (FRA) ensures the readiness of all Baltimore County first responders. Technical and customized training is provided for all career and volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

Training Opportunities for Personnel

FRA offers a number of training opportunities for current Baltimore County Career and Volunteer Firefighters.  We currently do not offer any training for the public. 

New or Replacement Personnel Accountability Tags

Volunteer members needing new accountability tags should have an officer from their station submit an ePAT application.

Career members needing replacement accountability tags must:

  1. Submit Form 58 to their Direct Supervisor that includes name, rank, Career ID Number and the number of tags needed.
  2. The supervisor must approve Form 58 and email it to When submitting, indicate if the tags will be picked at the Fire-Rescue Academy or sent via interoffice mail.

Working With People With Disabilities

Watch the "Working With People With Disabilities: A Guide for Responders" video, which provides training for Emergency Medical Services, Fire and law enforcement personnel on how to work effectively and compassionately when responding to emergency incidents involving persons with disabilities. The video was produced in cooperation with the Commission on Disabilities and includes first-person accounts from people with a variety of disabilities. 


Contact the FRA staff via email.

Designation and RoleContact
Academy 1
Bureau Chief
Scott Ebbert
Academy 4
EMS Training Administrator
Melissa Simpkins, EMS Lieutenant
Academy 5
Fire/Rescue Training Administrator
Michael Murphy, Fire Lieutenant
Academy 6
Battalion Training Administrator
Brian Ellis, Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator
Academy 7
EMS Instructor
Jaimie Philpott, Paramedic
Academy 8
Fire and Rescue Instructor
Steven Hinch
Academy 9
Fire Instructor
Joseph Wiggins, Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator
Academy 10
EMS Instructor
Rachelle Alexander, EMT
Safety 4
Fire Programs
Richard White, Fire Specialist
Office 1
Office Staff
Debbie Blades, Office Coordinator
Office 2
Office Staff
M. Katherine Liddick, Office Coordinator

Explore Fire-Rescue Academy



Fire-Rescue Academy

1545 Sparrows Point Boulevard
Sparrows Point, Maryland 21219


Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bureau Chief

Lonnie Ledford