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Multi-Year Improvement Plan for All Schools (MYIPAS)

Final Report Now Available

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Last year, Baltimore County Government and Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) initiated a process to assess school construction needs and develop a long-range plan that addresses those needs and allocates resources equitably. The Multi-Year Improvement Plan for All Schools (MYIPAS) is being facilitated by CannonDesign, a national architecture and planning company that has led over 1,300 education facility projects across the country, including over 200 education master plans. To learn more about the MYIPAS process from BCPS students and local leaders, watch our video.


The purpose of the MYIPAS is to develop a capital improvement program that maximizes state funding, defines facility priorities with community input; and assesses existing facilities based on the following three factors:


Community Engagement

Community input is an integral part of the MYIPAS development. There are several opportunities for community members to participate throughout the process:

  • A virtual community forum is scheduled for Thursday, May 27 from 6 to 8:30 p.m.
  • An online survey to gain community input. The survey will run May 27 through midnight, June 13, and will allow community members to review and provide feedback on options. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in breakout groups.
  • Participate in general public comment. 

Virtual Community Forums

To view upcoming meeting details, select from the list below or view the full 2021 calendar for past meeting details. 

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Plan Phases and Timeline

CannonDesign's comprehensive MYIPAS will include prioritized options for elementary, middle and high school projects. The MYIPAS is comprised of two phases. The first phase of the CannonDesign consultation process evaluated high school facilities. The second phase will include elementary, middle schools and other specialty schools/centers. 

The timeline from identifying a school as a priority and the completion of the renovated/replacement school building will vary based on the funding available from the State government and the number of projects that still need to be completed. 

MYIPAS findings will reflect a comprehensive analysis of all schools based upon integration of quantitative data (surveys, enrollment projections, facilities condition indices and capacity use) and qualitative data (focus groups, community forums and stakeholder advisory committees). The final report is expected to be delivered in the fall of 2021 and will provide a comprehensive set of recommendations for all public schools in Baltimore County. 

Phase One: Process and Recommendations for High Schools

Phase one focused on the interim recommendations for high school facilities that was presented to both the Board of Education and Baltimore County Council in September 2020.

During phase one, focus groups were created in the areas of facility, capacity and equity. Their tasks included:

  • Oversight of an industry-standard assessment of BCPS buildings and grounds
  • Review of enrollment projections and capacity utilization
  • Guidance on a facility educational equity and adequacy assessment
  • Oversight of the design and implementation of an online community survey which resulted in 22,000 responses

In addition to community forums, over 22,000 community members, students, and educators completed a survey. Read the full results of the survey.

DateTopicImportant Documents
March 10, 2020

Update Presented to the BCPS Board of Education

August 11, 2020

Update Presented to the BCPS Board of Education

September 29, 2020Phase One Recommendations Presentation to BCPS Board of Education
October 13, 2020

Report to the BCPS Board of Education

Phase Two: Process and Recommendations for All Schools

DateTopicImportant Documents
January 26MYIPAS 101–Virtual Community Forum
February 3

Guiding Principles Virtual Community Forum

Will be posted when available.

March 23Report to the County Executive, County Council and Board of Education
May 27Virtual Community Forum 3: Elementary and Middle School OptionsWill be posted when available.
July 13Phase II and Final Recommendations Presentation to the Board of Education

Final Recommendations

Learn More

Learn more about the following topics related to the MYIPAS.

Interactive Data Tracker

Engage with Cannon Design's Interactive Data Tracker.

Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) is a cross-sectional group of BCPS facility users including students, parents, educators, educational advisory councils and community members. Committee members were identified by BCPS staff and County government officials in consultation with TABCO, advisory councils and fellow community members. The committee was carefully selected to reflect the geographic and demographic diversity of all stakeholder groups.

SAGE High School Overcrowding Study

MYIPAS builds upon and expands findings and future recommendations of the SAGE report—a study commissioned in 2018 by BCPS which utilized enrollment projections, surveys and community input to determine the community’s preferences regarding overcrowding relief options for BCPS high schools.

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