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Stormwater Engineering Checklists and Forms

Use the checklists and forms below when preparing plans for review by Stormwater Engineering.



  • Grading and Sediment Control Review Procedures (PDF)
    This document details the procedures for grading submittals to the various Baltimore County agencies responsible for plan approval.
  • TR-55 Design Computation (PDF)
    Baltimore County’s spreadsheet for TR-55 design and typical to the industry.
  • SWM and Grading Plans Stamps (PDF)
    Shows the various approval stamps to be placed on Grading and Stormwater Plans. Sentences in red are for location information and not to be placed on plan.
  • SWM Certifications and As-Built Note (PDF)
    Shows the various certifications to be placed on Stormwater Management Plans. Sentences in red are for location information and not to be placed on plan.
  • Summary Tables for Structural BMPs (PDF)
    Shows required design summary and pond specifications for MD-378 ponds.
  • Operation and Maintenance Schedules (PDF)
    Shows the operation and maintenance schedules for privately owned and maintained ESD practices.
  • SWM Data Sheet (PDF)
    Engineers complete and provide data for the project SWM facility, BMP or ESD credit. This information is required for complete and accurate reporting to Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). Use the following information sheets to assist in completing the Facility Data Sheet.
  • As-Built Submittal Requirements (PDF)
    Construction inspection and item requirements for engineer's as-built submission to Baltimore County's Stormwater Engineering Section.
Revised December 27, 2018         


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