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Environmental Education

Environmental Education and Outreach
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Educate yourself and learn more about school, home and community programs on reducing environment and water pollution.

Environment at School

Baltimore County is a leader in Maryland's Green School award program. The Maryland Green School Awards Program is a holistic, integrated approach that incorporates local environmental issue investigation with environmental best management practices and community stewardship.

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Baltimore County's Green
Schools and Centers.

The Maryland Green School Award recognizes schools and nature centers in Baltimore County and throughout the State that use nature as a context for learning. A Maryland Green School application is prepared by school staff, students, parents, and community partners and documents the school's accomplishments. Awards are non-competitive and highlight activities over a two year period. A short reapplication every four years will maintain a school's Green School status. Applications are accepted each Spring.

Maryland Green School and Green Center Resources

Resources are available for helping to complete the application process and for implementing projects:

Maryland Green Centers

  View students raising a Green School Flag.
Students raising a
Green School Flag.

Maryland Green Centers model environmental best management practices, provide environmental programs for the community, and help schools engage in site-based environmental education and work towards a Maryland Green School recognition. The Maryland Green Center recognition is a component of the Maryland Green School Award Program and is sponsored by the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education.

Baltimore County continues to have one of Maryland's strongest Green School representation. View the current list of Green Schools and Centers (PDF). 

Environment at Home and Community

Citizens are eager to become part of the Bay restoration effort. We all want to reduce pollution and enhance our properties in ways that benefit the Chesapeake Bay. We make choices everyday that effect our environment and local waterways. Join with Baltimore County to learn more about becoming stewards of our watersheds and the Chesapeake Bay.

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Environmental Reporter

Use the Environmental Reporter Web Application to help the County track private tree plantings, private rain barrel installations and midges.

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