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workers at Sparrows Point

Tradepoint Atlantic

17,000 Jobs Returning to Sparrows Point

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Tradepoint Atlantic, the 3,100-acre former Bethlehem Steel plant, is being reinvented as a modernized and world-class port, rail and commerce center in eastern Baltimore County. The core mission of Tradepoint Atlantic’s efforts has been maximizing private investment, making connections to the Port of Baltimore, and creating a next generation of job opportunities. Ultimately, the massive port, logistics and distribution hub will redefine the future for commerce and trade on the international stage.  

Today, FedEx and Under Armour are moving in at Tradepoint Atlantic, which is estimated to create over 1,000 jobs. This is just the beginning of a larger effort to bring an estimated 17,000 new jobs to the Sparrows Point peninsula.


About Tradepoint Atlantic

The 3,100-acre industrial site in southeastern Baltimore County, offers a gateway to markets around the United States and the world, featuring a unique combination of access to deep water berths, rail and highways.

Learn more about Tradepoint Atlantic and how they are building the future of Sparrows Point.

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