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Securing Essential Headquarters

Winning Nationally

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What does it mean when Baltimore County secures world-class business headquarters? It means over $200 million in investment and thousands of jobs.  Baltimore County is attracting these businesses not only because of convenient proximity to the I-95 corridor and our access to global markets, but also because we are home to one of the most educated and abundant workforces in the nation.  

With over 570,000 residents over the age of 25, Baltimore County exceeds the national average of residents receiving a high school diploma or higher (90.2 percent), a Bachelor’s degree or higher (36 percent), and an advanced degree (18 percent). The metropolitan area educates 139,000 students in 25 major colleges and universities like the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Towson, and Johns Hopkins University. This gives our major employers first dibs on the brilliant researchers, engineers and creative thinkers graduating every year.

It’s no wonder that Baltimore County is a premier location for successful and growing headquarters.

Featured Headquarters

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Revised March 16, 2021         


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