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Independence Day Grant Program

The Department of Economic and Workforce Development (DEWD) will administer an Independence Day Grant Program, which will award $3,000 to Baltimore County-based not-for-profit organizations that are executing various Independence Day activities, including parades, festivals, and/or fireworks, within Baltimore County.

This is a one-time grants program and eligible applicants must have filed a special event permit with Baltimore County.


This is a flat $3,000 grant for Baltimore County-based not-for-profit organizations that have filed special event permit applications to hold various events in Baltimore County for Independence Day activities.

Important Note: Funding is limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to apply immediately.

Use of Funds

The awarded funding is intended to support Independence Day Activities, to include costs associated with, but not limited to: parades, festivals and firework displays.


Applicants must be a Baltimore County-based 501(c) not-for-profit organization that:

  • Serve communities located in Baltimore County
  • Are registered and in good standing with the State of Maryland, if required to do so by law
  • Are not currently in default on any loans, or out of compliance with any grants from Baltimore County, or delinquent on any taxes owed to Baltimore County
  • Have filed a special events or applicable permit with Permits, Inspections, Applications and/or the Office of the Fire Marshal
  • Submit a complete and acceptable application and proposal by Friday, June 25 to

How to Apply

Applicants are required to complete a request for financial assistance form (PDF), a grants agreement form (PDF) and produce the other required documents referenced below. Documents must be emailed by 5 p.m. on Friday, June 25 to

Read thoroughly before beginning your application to avoid potential issues. For optimal performance, complete the application using the latest version of Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

Required Documents

Applicant must provide a completed application, signed under penalty of perjury, which includes:

  • Completed grant application and agreement.
  • Copy of submitted special events and/or fireworks display permits.
  • IRS Form W-9 (PDF)—Only list the number you file your business taxes under. Read step-by-step instructions (PDF) or watch a video tutorial on how to complete your W-9.
  • Summary of what grant funds will be used for.
  • Intended budget for the grant funds.

Important Note: Applicants must  ensure the accuracy of their W-9 and business name when completing their application. The W-9 will be rejected if it includes both the social security number and the EIN. Failure to submit a complete and accurate application may preclude you from being awarded reimbursement funds from this program.

Accept the Terms and Conditions

Applicants must accept the terms and conditions below before applying.

Terms and Conditions

The Independence Day Grant, will award $3,000 to Baltimore County-based not-for-profit organizations that have filed special event permit applications to hold various events in Baltimore County for Independence Day activities.

The County agrees to provide a business with $3,000 to be used by the organizations for permitted uses and subject to the terms and conditions set for in the grant agreement and availability of funds.

  • Organizations must be in good standing with the State of Maryland.
  • Organizations must be located in Baltimore County.
  • Organizations must use funds for Independence Day Activities, including but not limited to: parade, festival and firework costs.
  • Applicant must submit an accurate and valid W-9. If the W-9 is not verified in the IRS database your business can not be funded.
  • Applicant must provide Baltimore County permission to edit or correct application for accuracy.
  • All grant recipients are subject to:
    • Audit of the use of funds.
    • A requirement to supply any and all documentation in an audit.
    • Repayment of funds if the grantee is determined to have not met the grant terms.

Review and Approval

Applicants will receive email notifications upon receipt of their application, as well as throughout the review and approval process. If an incomplete application is received, the applicant will be notified of the issue and asked to resubmit within 48 hours of notification. The applicant’s place in the queue will not be saved as other completed applications will continue moving forward.

More Information

If you need assistance with assessing your eligibility or compiling the needed documents for your application, we advise that you first consult with your financial or legal advisers. To ensure a fair and transparent application review process, Baltimore County staff are not permitted to provide individual responses to questions about the program, or the review and approval process.

For questions or to learn more, email

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