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Recruiting and Retention for Business

Recruiting Assistance

DEWD’s Talent Management Team provides access to an active and diverse candidate pool ranging from management level professionals to skilled laborers with expertise in various industry sectors, along with skilled employees in transition from companies in similar industry sectors. For more information, complete our business inquiry form.

A proud partner of the American Job Center Network


Below are examples of the types of support DEWD’s Talent Management Team can provide you with:

  • Coordinating recruitment efforts
  • Pre-screening and assessment of candidates
  • Providing facilities for recruitment initiatives
  • Hosting job fairs and advertising
  • Collaborating with our three Career Centers, local educational institutions, partner agencies, and business and trade organizations to attract the best candidates
  • Providing information about labor market trends, economic and demographic data
  • Connecting businesses to special populations such as veterans, socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals, people with disabilities, ex-offenders and at-risk youth
  • Accessing employer incentives such as local, state or federal tax incentives

Find Talent

Recruit with confidence by registering your business with the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE)—a statewide job database and candidate matching platform—to post jobs and have direct access to the talent that have the skills that meet your hiring needs.


Through our Local Workforce Development System, we invest funding to offset the costs of training new hires. On-the-job training and apprenticeships are also available based on the availability of funds. We can also promote a company’s internships, apprenticeships and on-the-job training opportunities to candidates at our three Career Centers.


DEWD’s dedicated Talent Management team provides employers with a streamlined point-of-contact to coordinate customized solutions to meet specific workforce needs of businesses. To see how the we can help with solutions for your workforce needs, contact the following team members:

First Source Hiring Agreement

The First Source Hiring Agreement gives County contractors direct recruitment assistance through DEWD. With our network of business and economic development professionals, we can provide a ready supply of qualified workers for your hiring needs. First Source connects these individuals with the new jobs generated by the County’s investment in contracts or public works.


Businesses which meet the following criteria can participate:

  • Have leases with the County or on County property (includes nonprofits)
  • Have a professional services contract (non-construction) with the County for goods, services or grants in excess of $100,000
  • Are projected to create new jobs or positions to fulfill contract terms

Available Services

Our Business Services Team can help coordinate recruitment services with our workforce partners in collaboration with our three Career Centers to assist with finding prescreened, qualified candidates. Available services may include but are not limited to:

  • Posting and promotion of employment opportunities through our network of service providers
  • Access to the Career Centers for coordinated recruitment and interviewing activities
  • Referral of prescreened, qualified candidates for employer consideration
  • Assistance using the MWE
  • Information on earning tax credits and other employer benefits for new hires (if applicable)

How to Participate

Complete the First Source Hiring Description form (PDF) and email it to We’ll contact you to develop a hiring plan based on your company’s needs, free of charge.

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