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September 15, 2021 – Council District 5

  1. EPS Variances
  2. Planning Board Meeting
  3. Baltimore County Master Plan 2030
  4. Water Project on Seven Courts Drive, Perry Hall
  5. Sewer Relining Project in Carney, Perry Hall and Towson
  6. Joppa Road Bridge Closure
  7. Towson Improvements
  8. Stoneleigh-Anneslie Storm Water Project
  9. Development Meetings
  10. Zoning Hearings

EPS Variances

The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) publishes a list of the environmental administrative variance requests along with their status. The requests are listed by County Council District.

Information: EPS Variances for District 5

Planning Board Meeting

The board will meet virtually as follows:

  • Thursday, September 23, at 4 p.m.

Please check the Planning Board page for links to the meetings, information on participating in the virtual meeting, the meeting agendas and any last-minute schedule changes.

Information: Contact Myles Muehlberger by phone at 410-887-3482 or by email at

Baltimore County Master Plan 2030

Baltimore County’s Master Plan 2030 provides the vision and strategies for growth over the next 10 years into a modern, 21st century county. We invite you to be a visionary. Visit the Master Plan website and join to stay informed and find out how you can bring your ideas to the table about growth, development and conservation.

Over the summer months, Department of Planning staff will be meeting with communities to inform them about the plan and ask for input about how they see their community, and the County, growing in the next 10 years. Please be sure to check the calendar on the Master Plan website to check for meetings in your area.

Information: Browse the Master Plan 2030 website or contact the Department of Planning at

Water Project on Seven Courts Drive, Perry Hall

Baltimore County will begin replacing 4,000 feet of water line in parts of Seven Courts Drive, Proctor Lane and Gunview Road before the end of this year. Contractors will replace four- to 24-inch diameter prestressed concrete pipe with ductile-iron pipe in a project that is anticipated to take between three and six months to complete. The job, which will cost $1.5 million, is presently being delayed because of supply issues. When construction begins in the fall, residents will be kept informed by the contractor regarding temporary water shutoffs and parking changes needed to facilitate progress. Driving lanes disturbed by construction will be resurfaced at the end of the job.

Information: Email

Sewer Relining Project in Carney, Perry Hall and Towson

The Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT) began an extensive sewer relining project in Carney, Perry Hall and Towson in May. It’s now 10 percent complete. More than 12 miles of sanitary sewer pipe will be relined during the next year and a half. The project will cost about $5.8 million. Most of the work will be below ground with minimal impact to communities. However, with any project of this scale, there may be some traffic or parking issues, and occasional chemical odors. DPWT staff will issue periodic updates.

Information: Email

Joppa Road Bridge Closure

Baltimore County closed a small bridge on East Joppa Road over Honeygo Run on January 21 in order to make emergency repairs. The bridge (Bridge B-0545), located between Snyder Lane and Honeygo Boulevard, will remain closed for several months to permit restoration. During the closure, during which activity will be intermittent, traffic will be detoured to Ebenezer Road and Honeygo Boulevard, but access to Honeygo Elementary School will be open. The Joppa Road Bridge, built in the 1920s and widened in the 1940s, is a two-lane span. Its construction is concrete slab; its length is 16 feet. Reopening is expected in October, say engineers.

Information: Email

Towson Improvements

In cooperation with the Towson Row development, the Department of Public Works and Transportation is improving sidewalks on Chesapeake Avenue between Washington Avenue and York Road. The majority of construction on the north and south sides is complete. The remaining work includes the access to the future Whole Foods store on the south side of Chesapeake Avenue, plus the first block off of Washington Avenue on the north side. This will be completed before the end of the year.

Information: Email

Stoneleigh-Anneslie Storm Water Project

The Department of Public Works and Transportation is addressing stormwater concerns in the Stoneleigh-Anneslie community and updating the century-old drainage system. Baltimore County earmarked $1 million for the project in 2018. A system was designed in 2019 and the County's contractor began work in February 2020. Work is ongoing and is about 79 percent finished. The storm drain on Wardman Road is finished and completion is expected by fall. BGE utility crews are still working at the site. Construction hours, traffic changes, temporary water shut-offs and parking impacts are being announced as the job progresses.

Information: Email the Bureau of Engineering and Construction, Storm Water Division, at

Development Meetings

Development Meetings include Community Input, Concept Plan, County Review, Development Review Committee and Hearing Officers Hearings. These hearings are up-to-date as of the publication of this newsletter and subject to change.

Information: Call 410-887-3321.

Development Review Committee—Klausmeier Property Alternate 2
Date and Time: Tuesday, September 28, 1 to 2 p.m.
Property Location: 3920 Klausmeier Property
Meeting Location: Webex—County Office Building, Room 123, 111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, Maryland 21204
DRC Number: 092821B
PAI Number: 11-1158
Tracking Number: DRC-2021-00131
Request: The request is pursuant to Baltimore County Code Section 32-4-106 (b) (2) to amend the previously approved development plan.
Information: Contact Lloyd T. Moxley at or 410-887-3321.

Zoning Hearings

Zoning Hearings include Special Exceptions, Variances and other issues before the Office of Administrative Hearings of Baltimore County. These hearings are up-to-date as of the publication of this newsletter and are subject to change.

Information: Call 410-887-3391.

There are no Zoning Hearings scheduled at the time of publication of this newsletter. Please visit the Development, Zoning Hearings and Meetings Calendar for changes in District 5.

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