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July 15, 2021 – Council District 1

  1. EPS Variances
  2. Planning Board Meetings
  3. Baltimore County Master Plan 2030
  4. Arbutus Sustainable Community Designation
  5. Water Main Replacement
  6. Lower Powder Mill Interceptor Rehabilitation
  7. Washington Boulevard Water Main
  8. Patapsco Sewer Shed Basin 33 Relief Sewer
  9. Powder Mill Relief Sewer
  10. Administrative Variances
  11. Development Meetings
  12. Zoning Hearings

EPS Variances

The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) publishes a list of the environmental administrative variance requests along with their status. The requests are listed by County Council District.

Information: EPS Variances for District 1

Planning Board Meetings

The board will meet virtually as follows:

  • Thursday, July 15, at 4 p.m.

Please check the Planning Board page for links to the meetings, information on participating in the virtual meeting, the meeting agendas and any last-minute schedule changes.

Information: Contact Myles Muehlberger by phone at 410-887-3482 or by email at

Baltimore County Master Plan 2030

Baltimore County’s Master Plan 2030 provides the vision and strategies for growth over the next 10 years into a modern, 21st century county. We invite you to be a visionary. Visit the Master Plan website and join to stay informed and find out how you can bring your ideas to the table about growth, development and conservation.

Over the summer months, Department of Planning staff will be meeting with communities to inform them about the plan and ask for input about how they see their community, and the County, growing in the next 10 years. Please be sure to check the calendar on the Master Plan website to check for meetings in your area.

Information: Browse the Master Plan 2030 website or contact the Department of Planning at

Arbutus Sustainable Community Designation

The proposed Arbutus Sustainable Community (SC) designation will aim at targeting public and private resources for multiple State agency investments and prioritizations. The proposed Arbutus SC boundary is focused on the Arbutus commercial core and its connections to University of Maryland Baltimore County and the surrounding residential community.

The Department of Planning has submitted the application to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and the application is under review. Once approved, the status of the application will be posted. The Baltimore County Council voted on the resolution (Bill 66-21) at the May 27 meeting.

Information: Browse the Sustainable Arbutus Area Plan or contact Josephine Selvakumar at 410-887-3480 or

Water Main Replacement

Baltimore County is replacing 7,000 feet of failing cast-iron water main on Maiden Choice Lane between Kenwood Avenue and Wilkens Avenue, and on Kenwood Avenue between Maiden Choice Lane and Wilkens Avenue. The new 12-inch and eight-inch diameter lines will cost $2.3 million. The project is about 40 percent finished.

Information: Email

Lower Powder Mill Interceptor Rehabilitation

Baltimore County began the rehabilitation of the Lower Powder Mill Sewer Interceptor in April. The line is 5,535 feet long and the project is expected to take more than a year. The estimated cost is $4,625,368 and it is about one percent finished.

Information: Email

Washington Boulevard Water Main

Baltimore County is replacing an old 16-inch diameter water main on Washington Boulevard between Clark Boulevard and the CSX railroad tracks that has been prone to breaking. The project (1,200 feet of new pipe) is about 15 percent complete and is currently on hold. The old pipe dates from 1950. The new pipe will cost $400,000.

Information: Email

Patapsco Sewer Shed Basin 33 Relief Sewer

The Department of Public Works and Transportation is building a new sewer line south of Interstate 70 in Patapsco Valley State Park. The project, which will take a year to complete, will cost $10,967,777. It is 95 percent finished.

Information: Email

Powder Mill Relief Sewer

Baltimore County is investing $4,627,585 to improve the sewer system from Liberty Road to Gwynndale Avenue. Work began in September 2019 and is about 95 percent complete.

Information: Email

Administrative Variances

Administrative Variances Pending include requests for Administrative Variances pending before the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections. These variances are up-to-date as of the publication of this newsletter and subject to change.

There are no Administrative Variances pending at the time of publication of this newsletter. Please visit the Zoning calendar for changes in District 1.

Development Meetings

Development Meetings include Community Input, Concept Plan, County Review, Development Review Committee and Hearing Officers Hearings. These meetings are up-to-date as of the publication of this newsletter and subject to change.

Information: Call 410-887-3321.

Development Review Hearing—Patapsco Fields PUD
Date and Time: Thursday, July 15, 10 to 11 a.m.
Property Location: Johnnycake Road and Old Stone Road
Meeting Location: Virtual Webex Meeting
PAI Number: 01-0607
Tracking Number: PUD-2018-00004
Proposal: 182 townhouses.
Information: Contact Darryl D. Putty at or 410-887-3321.

Development Plan Conference—Southern Crossroads 
Date and Time: Friday, July 23, 10 to 10:30 a.m.
Property Location: 4100 Maple Avenue
Meeting Location: Virtual Webex Meeting
PAI Number: 13-0239
Tracking Number: MAJ-2020-00010
Proposal: 196 single-family townhouses with 71 single garages and 125 double garages.
Information: Contact Jerry S. Chen at or 410-887-3321.

Zoning Hearings

Zoning Hearings include Special Exceptions, Variances and other issues before the Office of Administrative Hearings of Baltimore County. These hearings are up-to-date as of the publication of this newsletter and subject to change.

Information: Call the Office of Administrative Law Judges at 410-887-3868 or Zoning Review at 410-887-3391.

There are no Zoning Hearings scheduled at the time of publication of this newsletter. Please visit the Zoning Calendar for changes in District 1.

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