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Logos and Grant Credits

Use Logo in Promotional Material

Grantees should use the logos below to give credit to the citizens of Baltimore County in publications, ads and on web sites. Please note the new credit logo as of February 1, 2013.

Any organization receiving arts and sciences grant funds from Baltimore County must give credit to Baltimore County whenever and wherever credit is being given, including written, oral, broadcast and the internet.

If your organization has received funding from other sources and those funders are credited, Baltimore County must also receive credit as providing operating and/or project grant support. The size of the logo used should be commensurate with that of other organizations providing financial support at the same level.

Logo Use

Credit Baltimore County for the financial support it provides by using the agency's current logo. The logo must be reproduced as a unit without alteration. The logo with text may be downsized to no smaller than 1" high. The logo is available as a GIF, JPG or EPS file below.

 Citizens of Baltimore County logo.

Web Logo (GIF)      Print Logo (JPEG)       Print Logo (EPS) 

Revised July 19, 2017         


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