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Inclement Weather Policy and Announcements 

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Circuit Court

Baltimore County Circuit Court—COVID-19 Status Update

Circuit and District Courts

In accordance with Chief Judge Robert M. Bell’s Administrative Order, effective February 15, 1999, the authority and decision to close the Circuit Court including the Clerk’s Office rests with Judge Jakubowski and likewise, the decision in the District Court remains with Judge Wilson.

As part of this Order, courts should be closed only if the safety of citizens and court personnel would be seriously endangered were the courts not to close. In making the decision to close the administrative judge should be mindful of the heavy burden of cases and the disruption that closing would cause to litigants, witnesses, victims and other interested parties. Before making a decision, information about latest road conditions and weather forecasts are taken into consideration.

Once a decision is made, announcements regarding delayed openings or closings will be promptly placed on the Court's webpage along with the following stations: WBAL radio (1090 AM), WBAL television (Channel 11), WJZ (Channel 13), WMAR (Channel 2) and WBFF (Channel 45). Only delayed or closing announcements will be listed. No announcement will be made if the courts remain open.  

Inclement Weather Policy for Jurors Only

Jurors should follow the closings or delays given for Baltimore County Circuit Court. In the event of inclement weather, please listen to local news stations for Baltimore County Circuit Court closings and delays. If courts are closed no jurors should report and you will not need to reschedule, your name will go back into the juror pool for random selection the next year. If courts have a one- or two-hour delayed opening, reporting time for jurors is delayed in the same manner.

Revised January 29, 2021         


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