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Transcript and CD Requests

It is the requestors responsibility to provide the case name and number, specific requested dates and the judicial officers name. Use the online Maryland Case Search look for “open court proceeding.” Access to any protected cases (sealed, shielded or involve minors) requires the requestor to petition the court for access. The court will either grant or deny the request, delaying the process. 

For questions, call 410-887-4873 or email

How to Request a Written Court Transcript

Complete the form below and a court-appointed transcriber—an independent contractor approved by this court—will be assigned your request. They will contact you via email or phone to discuss required deposit, turnaround time and delivery. Turnaround time will begin when the deposit is received by the transcriber.

Cost of Written Transcript

Payment for written transcripts is made directly to the assigned transcriber. Transcript costs are based on the number of pages, complexity and requested turnaround time. Average turnaround time is 30 days. 60 minutes of spoken testimony is approximately 50 written pages. The actual number of pages varies widely from case to case and is affected by many factors. 

Expedited-rush delivery is available for additional fees. The assigned transcriber can discuss expedited costs with you. Additional charges for complex medical and technical transcripts and solid text.

As set forth by the Maryland Judiciary's Court Reporting Manual (February 2005) (PDF), transcript charges are as follows:

  • Transcript original: $3 per page
  • First additional copy: $0.50 per page
  • Second additional copy: $0.25 per page

Types of Requests

  • Maryland Rule 8-411(a): Appeals—The appellant must order the transcript within 10 days after filing the Notice of Appeal. Failure to order in a timely manner and file the transcripts may result in the dismissal of the appeal. Review Maryland Rules 8-411 and 8-207 (a)(3).
  • Maryland Rule 2-541: Magistrates ExceptionsWithin 10 days after the filing of the magistrate's written report. The court may dismiss the exceptions of a party who has not complied with this section.
  • View the Guide to Self-Representation (PDF) from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

How to Request an Audio CD

Note: This process is only used for ordering an audio CD from the Circuit Court for Baltimore County. If you require an audio CD from a hearing conducted at a different court location, contact that court directly. Hearings held before July 2011 may not be available by audio CD. CDs are provided for verification of testimony only and are not certified for court use.

Maryland Rule 16-504 provides in part that upon written request and the payment of reasonable costs, the authorized custodian of an official recording shall make a copy of the audio-video recording available to a party to a proceeding or an attorney representing a party in the case. Unless authorized by an order of court, a person who receives a copy of an electronic recording shall not make or cause to be made any additional copy of the recording, give, or electronically transmit the recording to any person not entitled to it under subsection (J) (1) of this rule. Maryland Criminal Procedure Article 1-201 provides that a person may not broadcast any proceeding in a criminal matter.

Cost of Audio CD or Emailed Audio Links

Note: We are now accepting credit card payments for audio only. Register now.

Checks and money orders must be made payable to Baltimore County, Maryland, not the clerk of the court.

  • Audio CD—$25 (hold about one day of spoken testimony)
  • Each additional CD—$5 at the time of ordering
  • Mailing fee—$5
  • Emailed Audio File Link—$25 (compatible with Windows, Apple and Android)

How to Play CDs and DVDs

For Windows 7 (and later) PC only. The program needed to play the CD or DVD is included on the disc.

  1. Place Disc in the PC disc drive.
  2. Open File Explorer.
  3. Select CD/DVD drive.
  4. Open Transcription Package.
  5. Open Bin.
  6. Select Cplayer.
  7. Select each session and play session.

How to Download Audio File

  1. Select Downloaded Attachments.
  2. In the dialog box:
    1. Enter email address (example:
    2. Enter first and last name.
    3. Select Continue.
  3. Select the file to listen.
  4. Select Download.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Open to listen.

Complete the Request Form

Complete and submit the form below to request a written transcript or Audio CD. If your request is expedited, call 410-887-4873 to confirm receipt.

Fields marked with >> are required.
Requesting Party's Contact Information
Case Information
Transcript Format>>
Is this request for an appeal or exceptions?>>
Expedited Delivery?>>
(Example: Two weeks, one week, overnight or a specific date)


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