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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Guidance

The County is taking a number of actions to keep residents safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Find status information for County operations and services.

Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) Attorney Tips

As of Tuesday, February 19, attorneys filing cases in Baltimore County must use the Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) e-filing system. We have provided helpful tips for understanding the new filing process (PDF) on File and Serve, and for cases including:

  • Civil
  • Domestic
  • Domestic Violence and Emergency Evaluation
  • Criminal
  • Juvenile
  • Settlement Court

MDEC Assistance at the Law Library

The Law Library offers attorneys:

  • Access to the File and Serve Portal
  • The ability to file documents for every Maryland Jurisdiction using MDEC
  • Assistance registering for and using Odyssey File and Serve
  • Scanners

It is highly recommended that attorneys wishing to scan documents bring a USB flash drive.

Note to Out of State Attorneys: Baltimore City is a separate legal jurisdiction from Baltimore County and currently requires filing at the city's Clerk of Courts.

Contact Information

Clerk's Office

  • Civil: 410-887-2622
  • Criminal: 410-887-2625 or 2627
  • Family: 410-887-2614
  • Juvenile: 410-887-3836
  • General Assignment: 410-887-2660 or 2694
  • Judicial Records: 410-887-3494
  • Courtrooms Clerks: 410-887-3413

Court Contacts

  • Central Assignment: 410-887-3497
  • Family Support Services: 410-887-8614
  • Family and Civil Law: 410-887-6575
  • DCM Office: 410-887-3233
  • Family Recovery Court: 410-887-6159
  • Family Mediation: 410-887-6570
  • Settlement Court: 410-887-2920
  • Juvenile Drug Court: 410-887-2199
  • Law Library: 410-887-3086

Additional Resources

If you have additional questions, find general FAQs with the Maryland Judiciary and Maryland's Rules.

Revised February 15, 2019         


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