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Pre-Hearing Contempt Conferences

Child Access Issues

Annamaria Walsh, Director, Office of Family Mediation
County Courts Building
401 Bosley Avenue
Room 515
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-887-6570
Fax: 410-887-3288

All Petitions for Contempt of child access issues in domestic cases will be given a date for a mandatory, Pre-Hearing Contempt Conference, approximately 25 to 30 days after filing. The Pre-Hearing Contempt Conferences on child access issues will be held in the Office of Family Mediation on the fifth floor of the County Courts Building. While attendance is mandatory, only concerned parties will participate in these conferences. There is no fee charged to the participants for Pre-Hearing Contempt Conferences.

A mediator in the Office of Family Mediation will attempt to resolve the dispute. If the issue is resolved at the Pre-Hearing Conference, a parenting agreement will be drafted and sent to all parties and attorneys. A hearing will not be scheduled. If the parties subsequently cannot agree upon a Consent Order and a hearing becomes necessary, the moving party's attorney must notify the Civil Assignment Office in writing that a hearing is needed. If all issues are not settled or if the mediator rescinds mediation, a contempt hearing before a Family Magistrate will be scheduled approximately 20 days after the conference.

Revised September 10, 2018         


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