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Parent Education Classes

The Circuit Court for Baltimore County provides two separate parent education classes for those parties with child access issues. Both the Co-Parenting Education Classes and the Special Challenges Parenting Workshop are held in the Jury Assembly area in the County Courts Building, 401 Bosley Avenue in Towson. Any questions regarding either program may be directed to the Office of Family Mediation at 410-887-6570. Children are not to be present for either program and there are no facilities for childcare available in the Courthouse.

Cooperative Co-Parenting for Healthy Children

The Co-Parenting Education Program is designed to provide information regarding the impact of separation and divorce on children. The course is available twice each month in the Courthouse. Any interested person may attend.

During the Co-Parenting Education classes, trained professionals will describe better ways for parents to understand relationships with their children and how they may be able to improve their problem solving techniques through more effective communication. The Co-Parenting Education Program has proven to be extremely useful to parents, family members and others involved in the lives of children facing a parental separation.

Special Challenges Parenting Workshop 

The Special Challenges Parenting Workshop is designed to educate parents about ways to eliminate conflict in the lives of their children when the parents do not live together, but have specific safety issues that need to be addressed. 

Issues addressed in this Workshop include:

  • Substance abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Mental health problems
  • Alienation of a parent
  • Allegations of unfitness to parent
  • Other reasons parents cannot seem to break their cycle of conflict

The program addresses each of these situations and explains how parenting may have to be done differently in order to keep children safe and protect them from the unhealthy consequences of ongoing conflict between their parents.

The Workshop is held the third Tuesday of every month in the Courthouse. Parents, grandparents, stepparents, and all other significant adults in the lives of children experiencing separation or divorce are welcome.

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