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Family Recovery Court

County Courts Building
401 Bosley Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-887-6159
Fax: 410-494-2772


The mission of the Baltimore County Family Recovery Court is to treat chemical dependency, preserve families and protect children. Parents who suffer from substance abuse in Child In Need of Assistance (CINA) cases are provided an opportunity to access and engage in an intensive, structured treatment program, and provided with a support network of holistic, strength-based services. Through a collaborative and non-adversarial process, participants are held accountable through frequent monitoring, evaluations and Court reviews.


The goals of the Baltimore County Family Recovery Court are as follows:

  • Enhance the likelihood that participants will obtain and maintain abstinence from alcohol and elicit drugs
  • Enhance the functioning of participants, so they will develop and maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle
  • Enhance family functioning
  • Enhance family reunification rates, while reducing involvement with child protective services
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the local child welfare system by establishing permanency sooner, reducing child welfare costs and promoting interagency collaboration between the courts, child welfare and treatment systems

Target Population and Eligibility

The target population is comprised of Baltimore County parents who have had children, or a child, adjudicated CINA due to their parent’s neglect and substance abuse. To be eligible for the FRC program, a parent must:

  • Be a Baltimore County resident
  • Be a party in a CINA case
  • Have a substance abuse problem that affects their ability to parent

A parent is disqualified from participating in the FRC program if they have been:

  • Convicted of a violent crime
  • Convicted of criminal child abuse
  • Diagnosed as having severe mental illness, mental retardation or any other cognitive impairment that would inhibit their ability to understand or complete the program
Revised April 26, 2016         


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