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Office ofRetirement

The Office of Retirement ensures effective benefits administration and delivery of member services in accordance with Article 5, Title 1 of the Baltimore County Code.

The Employees Retirement System (ERS) is a qualified plan under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Services include timely and accurate payment of benefits, benefits counseling, communicating with participants and maintaining the pension system database. 


All applicants for retirement must be approved by the Board of Trustees prior to receiving a benefit. The Board meets the second Tuesday of every month.


Beginning July 1, 2022, system membership was made compulsory for all employees as a condition of employment, except for employees hired at age 55 or over who have the option to join. Employees hired prior to July 1, 2007 are qualified to be members in Plan A and employees hired on or after July 1, 2007 are qualified to be members of Plan B.


Employees can become vested after 10 years of creditable service (CS).

Transfer of Service

Employees must be hired by Baltimore County without a break in employment with the previous Maryland State, local or municipal employer. The employee must submit a transfer of service claim form and deposit total accumulated contributions and interest from the prior system within one year of membership in the ERS. It is the employee’s responsibility to start the transfer of service process and follow up with the prior jurisdiction regarding the transfer of funds and certification to make sure one year transfer requirement is met.

Service Retirement

Service retirement can be effective upon either age eligibility plus 10 years of CS, or completion of CS years regardless of age. Upon retirement, the employee will receive a percentage of their average final compensation (AFC) based on their years of CS and benefit formula at time of retirement. AFC is the highest 12 or 36 consecutive full months of earnings based on member classification at time of retirement. Plan summaries can be requested from the Retirement Office by calling 410-887-8246 or emailing

Employee TypeAge Plus CS YearsCS YearsCurrent Contribution Rate

General Government

Age 67 and 10 years


7 percent

Correctional Officers and Deputy Sheriffs

Age 67 and 10 years


11 percent

Sworn Police

Age 60 and 10 years


11.3 percent

Sworn Firefighter

Age 60 and 10 years


10.78 percent

Retirement Member Portal

Available to both active and retired BCG employees, members of the retirement system have the ability to review beneficiary, contributions and retirement payment information online. As an active member of the ERS, you will be able to run retirement estimates from the Member Portal.

User ID and Passwords are mailed to new members within six to eight months of membership. If you do not have your user ID and password, contact the Retirement Office at 410-887-8246 or emailing

Planning for Retirement

County employees may want to attend one of the Pre-Retirement Seminars sponsored by the Office of Human Resources Training Division. These semi-annual seminars are listed in the spring and fall schedule of courses, available on BCnet. There will be speakers from different offices, including:

  • Retirement
  • Insurance
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Social Security
  • The Credit Union

For more information, call the Training Division at 410-887-8713. The Board of Education and the Community College conduct pre-retirement seminars for their employees.

2023 Calendar Year Retirements

Important information for prospective nonpublic safety retirees between the ages of 48 to 62: Section 415(b) of the Internal Revenue Code limits the annual dollar amount the Baltimore County Employees’ Retirement System can pay to a participant in a defined benefit plan. The 415(b) limit is age-adjusted for retirement prior to the age of 62. This limit may affect nonpublic safety employees who retire at a younger age with a higher average final compensation or longer creditable service time. The 415(b) table limit below shows the maximum amount a retiree can make based on age in years and months. The 415(b) limit is subject to increases under the Internal Revenue Code. When planning for retirement, please consider the 415 (b) dollar limit in your planning.

View calendar year retirement table

Initiating the Process


The first payment you receive will be in the form of a check. After the first month, you will receive your payment by direct deposit. You will still receive a pay stub in the mail. Direct deposits are dated and payable on the last banking day of each month. To find out the current month's pay date, look for the check messages printed on each month's pay stubs for future pay dates and other important information.

Contact Information

Your former employer administers insurance benefits. To stay up to date on issues affecting retirees, contact your union (if applicable) or the Baltimore County Retired Employees Association at 410-663-3341. You may also check your monthly pay stub for important information.

Notice of Class Action Lawsuits

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (ACFR)

Contact the Office for copies of reports published prior to the dates listed below.

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Retirement Administrator

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