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Minority and Women's Business Enterprise Program

The Baltimore County Minority and Women's Business Enterprise (MBE and WBE) Program was established to increase MBE and WBE participation in County contracts. The County seeks to have an overall goal of 15 percent of the total dollars spent on discretional procurements awarded to and performed by MBE and WBE firms.


Baltimore County doesn’t certify minority and women businesses. We accept certifications from the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Minority Business Enterprise and the Baltimore City Minority and Women's Business Opportunity Office for the County’s MBE and WBE subcontracting program.

If you want to count up to 50 percent of the subcontract goal using your own workforce as a MBE or WBE prime contractor, you must complete the appropriate forms as part of the bid and proposal response. All MBE and WBE bid forms are available under the Compliance and Monitoring section.

Compliance and Monitoring

The Executive Order (PDF) is the culmination of an extensive evaluation of existing practices and a collaborative effort between contractors, subcontractors and County purchasing officials. It advocates to develop better reporting methods, target specific industry sectors, foster more effective partnerships and provide assistance in conducting business with the County.


Reporting for Prime Contractors and Sub-Contractors

Baltimore County Funded Projects

  • Prime Contractors will report payments to minority and women subcontractors using the MBE and WBE Compliance Portal to comply with the terms and conditions of their Baltimore County contract in accordance with the Minority and Women Business Enterprise Requirement.
  • Subcontractors will verify and acknowledge receipt of payments for work performed on County contracts via the MBE and WBE Compliance Portal.

Follow the below step-by-step instructions to report and verify payments.


Federal and State Funded Projects

  • Baltimore County, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Projects—Prime contractors or consultants may use firms that have been certified by either Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) or Baltimore City's Minority Business Certification program.
  • State Highway Administration (SHA) Projects—Prime Contractors or Consultants must use firms that have been certified by MDOT.

Reporting Questions

For questions regarding the MBE and WBE compliance reporting, contact the MBE Office at 410-887-3407 or

Disparity Studies

Baltimore County commissioned Mason Tillman Associates, Ltd. to conduct a Disparity Study. The final report assesses the County’s use of minority and women-owned business enterprises on contracts issued for construction, architecture and engineering, professional services, and goods and services.

Download the Baltimore County Disparity Study (PDF).

Watch the recorded meeting.

Procurement Assistance

Learn more about procurement assistance.

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