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2021 Open Enrollment—Retirees

The benefit plan information below is for Baltimore County retirees and will be effective January 1, 2021.


Overview of Benefit Plan Choices

We continue to offer the following plans for retirees.

Non-Medicare Retiree Medical Plans (Pharmacy Included)

  • Cigna Open Access Plus In-Network (OAPIN)
  • Cigna Open Access Plus (OAP)
  • Cigna High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
  • Kaiser Permanente Select HMO

Medicare Retiree Supplemental Plans

Medicare retiree plans will be administered by Labor First effective January 1, 2021. Contact Labor First at 410‑431‑2226 (TTY: 711) or 1‑855‑499‑2656 (TTY: 711).

Dental Plans

  • CareFirst BCBS Traditional Dental
  • CareFirst BCBS Preferred Dental PPO
  • Cigna Dental Care HMO

Vision Plan

  • CareFirst Davis Vision

Other Plans

  • Basic and Legacy Life Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

Who Must Participate During Open Enrollment 2021

If any of the following applies to you, you will be required to participate in open enrollment:

  • Enroll in a medical, dental or vision plan for the first time
  • Change your medical, dental or vision plan election
  • Add an eligible dependent to your benefit plans
  • Remove a dependent who is no longer eligible for benefits

Change Your Benefits Plan

Baltimore County-Sponsored Plans

If you want to make changes to your Baltimore County-sponsored plans during the open enrollment period, you must complete a Retiree Health Insurance application. For your convenience, an application has been placed in the back of the 2021 Retiree Benefits Enrollment Guide (PDF).

Online applications are also available under the Forms section. If you are not making any changes to your plans or your dependents, you do not need to complete an application.

Plans Offered Through Labor First

To stay in the default plan you do not need to do anything. If you chose to enroll into another option offered through Labor First, you are required to complete an application. Call Labor First at 410‑431‑2226 (TTY: 711) or 1‑855‑499‑2656 (TTY: 711) and an application will be sent to you.


  • If you do not make any changes to your benefits, your current plans and dependents on your plans will be continued for the 2021 plan year.
  • Your monthly pension check must be enough to cover the cost of any additional benefits. You will see the rate change in the December pension check that pays for January benefits.
Revised October 26, 2020         


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