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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Guidance

The County is taking a number of actions to keep residents safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Find status information for County operations and services.

Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy

As a Cigna customer, you’ll have access to Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy—designed especially for individuals who take prescription medications on a regular basis, such as those used for diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, high blood pressure and more.

Enjoy easy and fewer refills—up to a 90-day supply for only two copays—and fast answers from Cigna pharmacists, available 24-7 by calling 1-800-285-4812.

Place an Order

Once we receive the prescription from your doctor, our team of expert pharmacists will fill your prescriptions and ship them right to your mailbox in about five to seven business days.


Reduce your wait time for prescriptions by asking your doctor to send them electronically to Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy.

By Phone

  1. Have your medication, doctor’s name and your credit card information ready.
  2. Call 1-800-835-3784.
  3. Cigna will request a prescription from your doctor for a 90-day supply with refills.

By Mail

  1. Request a prescription from your doctor for a 90-day supply of your medication with refills.
  2. Download an order form from the pharmacy section on
  3. Mail the completed order form, prescription and payment to the address listed on the order form.

Order a Refill

Refills can be made after the “refill after” date, which can be found on the corner of the prescription bottles. You can expect to receive your refills in two to three days.

By Phone

  1. Call 1-800-835-3784.
  2. Press option one to place a new order or a refill.


Visit to refill online.

Revised March 20, 2020         


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