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Mission Statement

The Baltimore County Board of Appeals was created and established under Article VI, Section 601 of the Baltimore County Charter, and reconstituted by Bill No. 53-82, passed by the County Council on May 3, 1982; approved and enacted by the County Executive on May 14, 1982, and passed by the voters on November 2, 1982.

Bill Number 53-82 created a County Board of Appeals, consisting of seven members, appointed by the County Council, with each member of the Council having the right to nominate one person to serve on the Board. All appointments are three-year terms, except that an appointment to fill a vacancy occurring before the expiration of a term "shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term. All members of the Board shall be residents of Baltimore County. All appointments shall be made so that no more than five members of the Board shall be members of the same political party."

The Board hears and decides a variety of appeals, as provided by statute, including those taken from the following decisions or orders: zoning, including special exceptions, variances and special hearings; Development Plans; code violations; Retirement Board; Animal Hearing Board; amusement device violations; building permits; road closings; front foot benefit assessments; sewer and water benefit charges; Critical Area Regulation variance requests; towing license applications; taxi driver license applications and false alarm citations, as well as any other appeal "from executive, administrative and adjudicatory orders." [Charter Sec. 602]  In addition, the Board is vested with the authority, by statute, to hear and decide Petitions for Reclassification and Petitions for Zoning Map Corrections.

Revised December 13, 2019         


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