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Foster Program

Do you have some extra space in your home and love in your heart to foster a pet in need? Then sign up to become a foster caretaker with us!

Fostering provides a temporary, comfortable setting outside of the shelter to animals who aren't yet ready for adoption. Some animals may only need a few days or some may need several weeks, but every foster opportunity helps prevent overcrowding at the shelter. Opening your home to a shelter animal can be a truly fun and rewarding experience.


If you would like to foster a shelter pet, complete and return the Foster a Shelter Pet Application (PDF) to Animal Services by email at, fax at 410-817-4257 or by regular mail to:

Baltimore County Animal Services
Attn: Foster Coordinator
13800 Manor Road
Baldwin, Maryland 21013


Learn more about the program by contacting us at

Revised July 12, 2017         


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