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Trap, Neuter, Return Program

Baltimore County offers a free Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program that focuses on humanely reducing the number of community cats living on our streets. There are several benefits of spaying and neutering the unowned cat population:

  • Stops breeding and prevents unwanted litters of kittens
  • Saves taxpayer dollars by keeping cats out of animal shelters
  • Helps improve the health and quality of life of outdoor cats
  • Reduces nuisance behaviors like spraying, fighting, howling and roaming

Eligibility Requirements

All participants will be required to:

  • Adhere to the TNR Program guidelines 
  • Complete the Feral Cat Caregiver registration form before a TNR surgery appointment can be scheduled (even if you are only helping transport or trap for another member of your community.)
  • Retrieve the cat the same day as the surgery
  • Return the cat outdoors to where they came from after the surgery (Note: If you plan to remove the cat from the colony for any reason, the cat will not be eligible for this service.)

Cats must:

  • Be an unowned, community cat living outdoors at an address within Baltimore County
  • Arrive in a cat trap or transfer cage, with only one cat per cage. No carriers or crates.
  • Be over three months of age and three pounds in weight and appear healthy. If there are health concerns, we are not able to address them. Note: If any of the cats are found to have a wound of unknown origin, they will be subject to a 120-day quarantine. You might have the option of doing the quarantine in your home, if you’re willing, and are approved by the Rabies Investigation Officer. If you’re not able or not approved to quarantine, then the cat will be euthanized.

Surgery Package 

An ear-tipped cat

The TNR surgery package provides:

  • Spay or neuter
  • Rabies vaccine
  • FVRCP vaccine (protects against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia)
  • Left ear-tipping (a symbol of a sterilized outdoor cat)
  • Tattoo on the abdomen
  • Microchipping (Note: All cats will be scanned for a microchip prior to implanting. If any of the cats are found to have a microchip or sign of ownership, they will be impounded for a 72-hour stray hold. You may come to claim them after the 72 hours, if no owner comes forward to redeem them.)
  • Vet exam while sedated

Schedule an Appointment

Appointments are available at the Dundalk Surgical Center and Baldwin Animal Shelter. To schedule an appointment, email

  • Dundalk Spay and Neuter Surgical Center
    Appointments available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    7702 Dunmanway
    Dundalk, Maryland 21222
    Get Directions

  • Baldwin Animal Shelter
    Appointments available Tuesday through Friday.
    13800 Manor Road
    Baldwin, Maryland 21013
    Get Directions

You must receive a confirmation of your appointment prior to coming to the clinic. We’re not able to offer walk-in service at this time.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Drop-off time is 8 a.m. and pick-up time is 3 p.m. At pick-up you will receive a Health Summary and Rabies Vaccine Certificate for each cat. 

Trap Loans

Only those who meet the following criteria are eligible for a free trap loan for the purpose of bringing outdoor cats to our facility for TNR surgery:

  • You own the property where trapping will take place (Note: If you do not own the property where you plan to trap, consider buying your own trap or renting one from ABC Rentals or the Maryland SPCA.)
  • You can bring cats to and from our TNR clinics
  • You have an approved application on file

TNR Surgery appointments, trap loan pick up, and trap return date will all be scheduled before the loan is given. There will be a wait time. Trap loans are loaned for one month only. Email the TNR Coordinator to request a loan. We do not offer any transportation or trapping assistance.

When storing traps, keep them indoors with the trap doors securely closed. Return the trap loan as soon as possible.

Additional Resources

Learn more about humane deterrents and repellents or how to build winter shelters for community cats. If the cats are a nuisance for neighbors, keep an open dialogue and contact our staff for mediation assistance.

Learn more about how to trap, transport and return feral cats below.

Contact Us

Trap, Neuter, Return Program

13800 Manor Road
Baldwin, Maryland 21013

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.



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